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How to Make a Close Friends List on Instagram ( Complete Guide )


When you post a story on Instagram, it will be visible to all your followers. But do you want to customize the followers who should watch your Instagram stories? Instagram close friends feature helps in this case. In this post I am going to show how to make a close friends list on Instagram.

What Are Instagram Close Friends

Instagram close friends is a feature that allows you to create a special followers group for really close friends on Instagram. As well as you can share your stories only with people who are selected as close friends.

 Note-This feature only working in official Instagram app not in web browser

This feature really helps to improve story engagements with followers. By choosing to be a close friend you can give unique and important content to the most active followers. If you see a green ring around someone’s profile picture, it means he / she is posting a story to close friends and you are his / her close friend.

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How to Make a Close Friends List on Instagram

You can create a list of your closest friends step by step by following the steps below.

1.Open your instagram account and go to your profile

2.Tap on hamburger menu (Three line) on top right corner

3.Select Close friends

4.Tap on ‘Get Started

5.Select your close friends through your followers and tap ‘Add’ to close friend list.

Note-There is no limit to how many users can be added to a list of close friends.

How to Edit Close Friends List

Later you can add or remove your close friends list easily. Follow the below steps to edit close friends list on Instagram

1.Go to the instagram profile and tap hamburger menu

2.Select Close friends

3.Click ‘Add’ or ‘Remove’ to edit your close friends list

NotePeople do not know when you have added or removed your close friends list. So you can edit your friends list at any time without anyone knowing.

How to Share a Story With Your Close Friends

The main advantage of creating a list of close friends is sharing important stories with selected followers. Now let’s see how to share a story that is only visible to close friends.

1.Open the Instagram app and tap ‘+’ icon

2.Setect ‘Story’ and add a image or video

3.Tap on ‘Close Friends’ option at the bottom of the screen

For close friends, the story appears as a green circle around the profile. Followers who are not on your close friends list will not be able to see your close friends’ story.

How to message your Close Friends list on Instagram with Threads

Threads is a free app released by Instagram that helps keep touch with close friends. Through Threads you can share as well as send Direct messages with close friends. Threads are fully functional for both ends, even if your friends do not use the app.

Here’s how to send messages to close friends using ‘Thread‘.

1.Download Thread app on Apple store or Google play store 

2.Open the app and log with your Instagram account

3.Choose your close friends (Minimum 3 accounts) and Continue. The app automatically detects if you have already created a list of close friends.

4.Take a photo or videos by taping close friend’s profile picture and send directly 

How to Use Close Friends for Your Brand or business

If you have a small business or brand on Instagram, this list of close friends will help you grow your business.

Share Exclusive Contents

You can choose your active followers as close friends and share additional and exclusive contents for them. For example If you are a photographer you can share special tips and tutorials for your  followers.

Campaign with Influncers

If some influencers follow your business account, you can add them to your list of close friends and share your product or service post with them. It makes them more connected to your brand.

I hope now you have good knowledge on how to make a close friends list on Instagram and to build a brand through this feature. How do you apply this feature to your business or brand? Leave a comment below! Don’t forget to share if this article is helpful!


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