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How to Turn Off Likes and Views Count on Instagram


In the recent update Instagram released the hide likes and views feature to everyone. Through this feature you can hide or unhide likes and views of the posts in Instagram. So in this post I am going to show how to turn off likes and views count on Instagram.

Why Instagram introduce these feature

Instagram says seeing  counts of likes and views are annoying to some users and beneficial  for some. Therefore they give more control features to users to improve their own user experience.

As well as Instagram believes when turning off likes and views count  people can focus the content being shared instead of numbers. This feature also helps to get real people responses to the post without knowing how many likes were received.

Note-This feature is not available for IG TV and Reels. You can’t hide like and views counts on these two platforms in Instagram.

Turn off like and views count for others posts

If you enable this feature  you will not see likes and views on the post, but you can  see the list of the people who like the post. follow the below steps  to turn off likes and views for others feed posts.

1.Go to your profile and tap on the Hamburger menu (Three line) on top right corner

2.Tap on Settings and go to Privacy

3.Go to the Posts 

4.Finally you can turn off or on like and views count by toggle the switch in like and views section.

Turn off like and views count  for your new posts

Instagram allows you to hide like and view count in your feed posts as well. If you enable this feature, only you will see the total count of likes and views on the post. Let’s see how to turn off like and views count for your new posts.

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1.Upload the photo as usual until caption writing  window

2.Tap on Advanced settings

3.Toggle the switch to hide like and views counts

There is no option to set this by default for all new posts in the current update. Any time you can change this option after you posted the image by going to the three dots icon on top of the post.

Turn off like and views count  for your old posts

Earlier I said there is no way to hide all your likes and views of your post in a single tap. So you have to hide the number of likes and ideas in the post one by one.

1.Select the post which one you need hide the like and views count

2.Tap on the three dots above the post

3.Again tap on Hide like count

If you want unhide like view count just follow above steps, but in third step tap Unhide like count.

I hope now you know how to turn off likes and views count on Instagram. Do you hide likes and views count? Leave a comment below your answer.


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