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How To Put a Link in My TikTok Bio (Increase Web Traffic)


In this post I am going to explain how to put a link in your Tiktok bio. Tik tok allows us to add custom links to our profile. But this feature is only available for Tiktok business account. Therefore most people don’t know how to access this feature. I will show how to put a link in my Tiktok bio step by step.

Benefits of Add a Link on Tiktok bio

Bio on any platform is the best place to introduce yourself or your brand. Many people view profile bio before following the TikTok account.

  • Drive traffic from Tiktok
  • Make sales from your followers
  • Get more followers to other social platforms
  • Promoting new blog posts or videos

How to Put a Link in My Tiktok Bio

To add a link in to Tiktok bio you need to change your personal account to a business account. Tiktok allows you to add only YouTube and Instagram links to your personal account. But in the business account you can add any kind of links in the bio section. Now let’s see how to change your account into a business account step by step.

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Switch to Business Account

1.Open tik tok and tap ‘Me’ 

2.Tap on three dot menu top right corner

3.Select ‘Manage account’ in Account section

4.Tap on ‘Switch to Pro Account

5.Select ‘Business’ account type and tap ‘Next

6.Choose your business category and tap ‘Next

Now your account has been changed to a Business Account. The business account has more features than a personal account. Now let see How to Put a Link in your Tik Tok Bio.

1.Tap on ‘Me’ below right corner

2.Goto ‘Edit profile

3.Tap on ‘Website

4.Now add your website URL in the text box 

What Kind of Links Best for Bio

Official Website

If you have a personal website or website belonging to a brand,add a website link in tiktok bio. It will help to get more traffic into your website. You can also add e-commerce sites to your TikTok bio. If you have decent followers you can make more sales by adding link in Tiktok.

Affiliate links

If you join affiliate programs you can use that affiliate link on tiktok bio. When your followers buy something through you earn commissions without doing any promotions on TikTok.

Paypal account

We know we can send and receive money through Paypal. You can place the PayPal account link to receive donations and subscriptions from your followers.

Patreon Account

Patreon is a platform to get money to create things you already have (web comics, videos, songs,etc). If you are content creator on TikTok,You can add a patreon account link to TikTok bio. Through the patron you give premium contents to your followers and get paid. 

Link in Bio tools

With this type of tool, you can redirect people to a web page that has a collection of online links that they can access. You can multiple links in a single page by using this type of tool.’Linktree‘ I personally use to set up all the links and it is easy to customize links.

Now I hope now you know how to put a link in your tik tok bio


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