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How to see Who Blocked You on Instagram (4 methods)


Haven’t you seen your friend’s active posts on Instagram in a while? Maybe he / she has blocked you on Instagram. Instagram will not notify you when someone blocks your account. Then How to see who blocked you on Instagram ? This post shows the best answers for that question.

What happens if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

If someone is blocked you can’t see their updates from your  feed,can’t send DMs and can’t tag on instagram.You will not know if that person has blocked you until you investigate.

how to see who blocked you on instagram

You do not need to use any kind of third party apps to find out who blocked you on Instagram. 

You need to follow several investigation methods on Instagram to know if you are blocked.

Follow the steps below one by one before making sure you are blocked by someone.

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Check their username in search bar

First thing you should do is search the account username name on the instagram search bar.If you did not find the account in the search results, you can assume three instances.They blocked you , deleted or deactivated their instagram account.

Find out the account through DM or old comment

Previously, if you were sharing messages on Instagram, this method would works.Go to conversation in instagram and tap on the user account.

If the profile shows but does not show the count of followers, posts an following people then that person is definitely blocking you. If you are blocked by the user you will not be able to follow the profile again.

Check Profile on Instagram Web

Goto Google Chrome or any other browser and enter the URL as (username). If the profile is shown in the browser but does not appear in the app means that you have been blocked by the user.If you can not see the profile of the web anyway, it means that they deleted the Instagram account.

Check the profile from friends account

last but not least! Use a friend’s account to log in to Instagram and search for the account on Instagram. If the profile appears on your friends’ account, it means you are blocked.

Have you ever been blocked by someone on Instagram ? Which method did you use to find out whether you’re blocked or not ? Leave your comments below and share this article with your blocked friends.


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