Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Comes With Olympic Games

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

While browsing the web via Chrome, you came across a dinosaur with the message “No Internet ”. But few people know that it is a game that can be played until the internet connection is restored.

However, to celebrate the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Google has added new features to the Google Chrome dinosaur game. In this Olympic version T-rex can swim, surf, perform gymnastics and run. As well as dino will change it’s outfit according to the Olympic event. Now let’s see how to play the Olympic version of google chrome dinosaur game.

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How to play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game (Olympic Version)

1.Open your Google chrome from PC or laptop.

2.Type ‘chrome://dino’ on the search bar. 

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Everyone knows the Tip-Switch off your internet connection and go to any web URL to access the game directly.

3.If you are using a laptop, press the spacebar on the keyboard to start the game. Mobile phone users tap on the screen to make the T-Rex run.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game are able to get Olympic torches after jumping a few cactus trees. Don’t jump over the Olympic torch just run into it.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

5.After you get the Olympic torch, a random Olympic event will start and the T-rex will change the event outfit.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Google adds Olympic events like hurdles, balance beams and swimming to this chrome t-rex game. If you want to try a different Olympic event you need to reload the game and catch the Olympic lamps.

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