How to Make a Group In Instagram ( Step-by-Step )

After the integration of Facebook messenger and Instagram DM (Direct messages),a lot of features have been rolled out in Instagram to chat with friends. In this post you will know how to make a group in Instagram and recently updated group messaging features.

How to Make a Group in Instagram

Making groups is not a big deal on Instagram. I will show how to make a group on Instagram through mobile and PC step-by step.


1.Open the Instagram app and tap messenger icon

How to Make a Group In Instagram

2.Tap pen and paper icon at top right corner of your screen

How to Make a Group In Instagram

3.Select the accounts you want to add to the group

How to Make a Group In Instagram

4.Tap the ‘Chat’ after you select the people

How to Make a Group In Instagram

Note-Until you send initial message group will not created in Instagram DM


1.Goto on PC

2.Login to your Instagram account in browser

3.Click on messenger icon top right corner

4.Click pen and paper icon

5.Select the people who wants to add to the group and click Next

How to Add or Remove Friends in Group 

Once you have created a group, you can easily edit the people in the group by following the steps.

1.Tap one messenger icon and go to the group

2.Tap on group members name on the top bar 

How to Make a Group In Instagram

3.Tap ‘+’ icon for add more people to your group

How to Make a Group In Instagram

Note-The total number of people in a group, including you, is 32

Settings and Features in Group Chat on Instagram

There are useful and interesting features available for group chats on Instagram. most of these features only access from Instagram mobile app.

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Admin approval to join

By default this feature is disabled when you create a group. It means anybody can add people to the group without admin’s permission. If you think Admin approval is must to join the group enable this feature.

How to Make a Group In Instagram

Name the group chat

 This feature works similar to a WhatsApp group You can give a name for your chat group .

Make more admins

This also similar to WhatsApp. You can make more admins to your group

Change the group themes

This is a cool feature available in Instagram. You can change groups chat interface to different themes. Instagram update their theme collection related to trending movies and cartoons.

How to Make a Group Call on Instagram

You can now not only send text messages but also group video and audio calls on Instagram. There are two methods to make video calls in Instagram which are group calls and room calls. But in this case I am going to how to make calls through groups in Instagram.

1.Goto Group which you created

2.Tap voice call or video call icon to make group call

Now you know how to make a group in Instagram easily. If this article helped you, don’t forget to share it with others.

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