What Is The Next Social Media Platform In 2022

This post explains What Is The Next Social Media platform In 2021.This article is for you if you are someone who wants to develop massive social media followers on the upcoming platforms or if you are curious about new social media platforms.

There hundreds of platforms develop but only few get famous with the users because of their unique features.So I’m going to pick the top 5 upcoming social media platforms to promote your brand,identity or a business.

#1 Clubhouse

What Is The Next Social Media Platform

It is one of the hottest new social media platforms which is launched in 2020.The main difference between Clubhouse and other social media platforms is that it is audio only.

This platform is best suited for publishing podcasts and conferences.Currently you can only get into the clubhouse with an invite to the app.

 Elon musk,Oprah Winfry and mark cuban are already active on Clubhouse.This app currently only available ios.

What Is The Next Social Media Platform

Key Features

  • Podcast supported platform
  • User can follow people,clubs and specific topics
  • Virtual chat rooms are available
  • It is an invite-only app( The current user should invite you to join the clubhouse)

#2 Twitch

What Is The Next Social Media Platform

Twitch is a website where people from all over the world broadcast themselves just like youtube streaming.Twitch was primarily a game streaming platform but now it is open to all types of content.

More than 2M twitch streamers are active every month and 17000+ streamers earn money through Twitch.

What Is The Next Social Media Platform

Key Features

  • Online live streaming Platform
  • Users Can follow each other as well as chat
  • Have paid subscription,Micro donations and regular donation option
  • Can post own status as well as like,comment and share

#3 Twitter Spaces

Upcoming Social Media Platforms 2021
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Twitter Spaces is a similar platform as Clubhouse.Podcasting is rapidly popular over the world therefore twitter developed its own podcast platform named as Twitter Spaces.

Tap the highlighted area at the top of your Twitter home screen to connect to the Twitter space.It is still in beta version and will be released to all users soon.

Key Features

  • Its available for iOS and android as well
  • Maximum 11 peoples can speak at same time in a room
  • The number of listeners is unlimited

#4 Snapchat Spotlight

Upcoming Social Media Platforms 2021

Vertical short videos have gained a lot of attention since the advent of Tik Tok.Therefore some social media platforms developed to publish videos like tik tok.

Instagram reels and youtube shorts are some examples.Snapchat also released their own platform to publish short videos known as Snapchat Spotlight.

Key Features

  • Opportunity  to earn more than $1 Million per day
  • Videos can be up to 60s long
  •  Minimum horizontal resolution is 640px

Visit Snapchat Spotlight Support for guidelines 

#5 Signal

Upcoming Social Media Platforms 2021

Signal became famous after the WhatsApp privacy policy issue in january 2021. It is a free messaging app which uses an open source encryption method.

Unlike WhatsApp, Signal does not add any of your personal data.

Key Features

  • Disappearing Messages
  • Can move groups chats from other apps
  • Open Source encryption
  • Pin or Unpin chats

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