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Instagram TV Monetization is On Edge


This post will be definitely happy news for creators. Because the Instagram is ready to launch IG TV monetization for content creators.

Few months ago, they invited creators for testing ads on IG TV contents. Finally, they announced they ready share revenue with creators from ads on IG TV.

From June, Monetization will be enabled for only 200 creators in the US. It’s still in testing period. That’s Why they give it to limited creators. Later they will give it to more creators around the world.

Also they are going to introduce digital badges for IG lives. Viewers can donate money by purchasing badges to their favourite content creators. Prices of those badges are 0.99$,1.99$ and 4.99$.

If you purchased, your name will be show in front of badge when you comment.This is similar to Facebook star streamer payment for gaming streamers.

What are the basic requirements for Eligible?

Instagram says the content creators should follow the Instagram monetization policy which is differ from other platform policies.

These are the main eligibility requirements for enabling monetization.

  • Authentic Creator

You should be an original and established creator. That means you can’t pretend to be someone. Number of minimum followers has not been mentioned by Instagram. Any how you should be a genuine creator.

  • Original Content

This is the common requirement in every platform. You should upload original content on IG TV. If not, you will be faced with copyright issues. You can’t use copyrighted images, music and videos. Also the sexual and violated videos not eligible for monetization

  • Language

English is the current eligibility language for monetization. The head and descriptions also should be in English. Also in future it will be available for native creators.

  • Video length

The Video has to be a minimum of 2 minutes long for monetization. Any video below 2 minutes, is not eligible for IGTV monetization.

  • Location

From June, Creators from the US will be able to monetize their IGTV videos. Later It will expand across Brazil, Germany, France, Italy and Mexico.

  • Feed preview

Content videos should be available in the feed. Make sure you check “feed preview” before you post the IGTV. Only feed videos are eligible to display ads.

How will the ad look?

All the Ads will be displayed in vertical type videos. Ads will be mobile friendly and placed at the beginning of the content video. The ads will display when you click “watch IGTV Video”.

The length of the ad will be 15 seconds and you can directly visit relative websites through the ‘Swipe Up’ option. The ads will be only played on Brand friendly content.

What about the revenue?

In the initial process, the creator will get 55% revenue shares just like Youtube. The total money will depend on how much the advertiser would be investing and view counts.

Payout will be issued at every end of the month. After monetization creators will get new insights with IG TV including approximate earnings, monetizable plays and RPM.

So this will be great news for creators who have been active on IG TV. Also this will be a good chance for new creators to show up their creative talents.


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