How (not) to be a Stupid Designer!




Being a successful designer is not as difficult as you may see. If you have passion definitely you will be an expert in graphic design. In this post I am gonna show seven important qualities every designer should follow to succeed in the field. If you are a beginner these tips will be very important for you.

1.Fill Your Tank

Learning is a never ending process. As a graphic designer you should learn and upgrade yourself every day.

Working with fresh ideas are the important factor for a successive designer.

You can find new ideas through Youtube and practice new skills. Search the best design books and get them from the internet.

2.Sharp your Tools

As a designer you should have good knowledge in Designing softwares. Select good softwares to show your talents. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator are professional softwares used for graphic design. If you are good in digital art Procreate is great software for you.

Youtube has tons of tutorial videos about these softwares. So no need to follow courses for learning Photoshop. It’s a waste of time and money.

3.Don’t be a Copycat

This is the biggest fault done by designers. Because there is a thin line between copy and inspiration.

You can get ideas and design through others designs but it should not be the exact same.

Develop your unique design skills because it’s your key for success. Inspiration is important but don’t copy others’ designs. Make some changes to your design every time and gradually you will be a really creative designer.

4.Share your works

Start design and show it to others. Get the maximum benefits of social platforms such as Dribble, Behance, Instagram and Pinterest

Tell your followers what worked for you. Self-promoting is very useful and important matter for a designer. 

People will get to know about designs and skills. Share your ideas with your followers and help them. Create a good portfolio in Dribble and Behance .It’s easy to others find you and your works

5.Learn from criticism

Good feedback is your best friend but the negative feedback is your teacher. sometime you will be motivated from positive feedback but you can’t identify your mistakes from it.

Criticism is the only way to learn and improve your designing skill. Super easy to find your mistakes through negative don’t ignore every feedback to your design.

6.Be Collaborative

 This is also another great way to develop our designing skills. By collaborating you can exchange other creators’ ideas. 

This makes us grow and develop our skills better. Social networks is the best way to collaborate with other designers.

7.Love Yourself

Get up from the chair and give rest for your mind and body. Spend your leisure time with family and friends. It will relax your mind because mind relaxing is important for designers. 

You also have to love your mind and your body as your profession.


I hope you enjoy and learn it! Follow these basic rules. Definitely you will be a successful designer. Let me know your thoughts in the comment. So don’t be stupid!



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