5 Secrets About Earn Money Without Clients That Nobody Will Tell You.


Client work is the typical method for making money as a Graphic designer. But Client works are not well at all the time as you expect. I will show some good efficient methods to make money without clients.

Definitely You should have alternative methods to get passive income.

What are the other methods to earn? Is it Possible or worthy? How do we start it?

This article will answer those questions.

1.Sell Physical Goods

You don’t need a shop to sell your products. If you have a Facebook profile or page is more than enough for selling products.

As a designer what can you sell? You can make some custom T-shirt designs. Many designers are selling custom apparel designs for their additional income.

If you are a digital artist, you can make creative stickers for laptops or tablets and post in your profile or page. Definitely you will get a good response from your followers.

Also Custom movie/TV series posters, Making Comic books are few products for making passive Income.

2.Design Digital Products

Selling digital products is more profitable than selling physical Goods. Because the Production cost is very low for digital products.

Therefore, you can design and sell high quality Wallpapers, Custom Emojis and Vector arts. 

Every designer tries to find good design resources for their works. So Selling design resources such as gradients, colour palettes and brushes also highly demanded products.

Creative Market, Design Cuts, Art Web are some great places to sell your design resources.

Custom fonts are a very useful factor for making unique logos and advertising. If you are good in typography you can sell your own fonts. Lters, Myfonts and Fontshop are the best platforms for selling fonts.

3.Make Videos

YouTube is the largest video platform which has 1.9 Billion user logins per month. It’s a good platform for presenting your graphic design knowledge.

You can make Speed arts, tutorial videos or graphic review videos.If you get good views from subscribers, YouTube will pay to you.

Spoon graphics, MOBOX graphics, Flow Graphics are some famous YouTube channels done by graphic designers.

4.Work as Freelancer on a Website

This is another good way to make passive income for you. I wrote a separate article about freelancing websites.

First of all, you should choose a suitable platform for you. because there are various types of freelancers working on those sites.

Fiverr, Upwork and Designhill are highly recommended websites for freelancers. Give a try!

5.Teach Online

Every new designer has tons of questions. Therefore, Online teaching is a highly demanded method for making money.

It has various types of online teaching methods. You can make videos and sell it as a Package through your own website or You can do live sessions through Zoom or any other apps.


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