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How to Make a Gift Message in Messenger & Instagram


Facebook always tries to give creative updates for their uses to increase engagement. One of the interesting updates launched by Facebook to enhance the messaging user experience is the gift message effect. In this post I am going to show how to make a gift message in messenger and Instagram DMs.

This effect works like a gift box. You can hide your text with a gift box and send it to your friends and relatives. If they touch the gift box, a message will be shown like unwrapping the gift. This cool feature you can use to surprise your friends with good news. You can propose to your girl or boy friend with these gift messages.

Now let’s see step-by-step how to create messages with gift effects.

How to make a gift message in  Messenger

1.Open the messenger conversation and type the message on text bar

2.After type the message tap on search icon right to text box

3.Select the effects tab and tap on gift box icon

After the tap on the gift box message text will be sent. There are 3 effects on the messenger besides the gift box effect. Instead of the gift box effect, you can use Confetti, Fire and Heart react effects with the text by following the steps shown in above.

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How to make a gift message in Instagram

The latest update will allow Instagram users to send messages to their contacts on Facebook Messenger without leaving the Instagram app. Therefore messenger features also available  in Instagram Direct messages. Let’s see how to create a gift message on Instagram step by step.

1.Open the instagram DM by tapping the messenger logo.

2.Tap the conversation that sends a gift message

3.Type the message on the text box

4.Tap the search icon on the left side of the text bar

5.Finally tap on the gift box effect, the message will be sent as text in the gift box

How to Unsend a Gift Message

Gift messages also work as normal messages. If you think you want to easily delete or delete your message, you can do so by following the steps.


1.Log press on the gift message that you want to unsend

2.Tap on ‘Remove’ 

3.Tap ‘Unsend’ for removing messages from both ends or tap ‘Remove for you’ for delete the message from your end.


1.Long press on the message 

2.Tap on ‘Unsend’ to delete the message on both side

Create creative messages using all the other text effects to surprise your friends. To whom you would like to send this gift message, please leave a comment below!


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