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How to Check Analytics on TikTok 2022 ( Complete Guide )


Are you an active user  in TikTok? This post is definitely important to you.Because I’m going to show you how to check analytics on Tiktok and explain the analytic interface in detail.

If you are a content creator, influencer or your brand is new to TikTok, analytics is very important to grow in TikTok.You can execute your future plans to build a brand in Tik Tok by understanding the analytics.

Let’s get started!

Switching To TikTok Pro account

Before checking analytics you have to switch your default account into a TikTok Pro account.Tik Tok pro account is similar to instagram creator account.This account is very useful for video creators and brands because it allows you to test performance and analytics.Let’s see step by step how to change your account to Pro account.

1.Log into your tiktok account and go to your profile page.

2.Click on the three dots in the top right corner and the settings page will open.

3.Click on ‘Mange account’ 

4.Tap on the ‘Switch to Pro Account’

5.Now TikTok will provide two types of accounts to select.

  • Creator account for content creators,Public figures and influencers
  • Business account for Brands,Sellers and service providers

Choose the account type and tap next.To proceed I select the Creator Account type

6.Now you have to choose category of your contents and tap ‘Next’

7.Finally select your gender and tap ‘Done’

You successfully switch your account to a pro account and now you are able to check analytics.

How to Check Analytics on TikTok In Mobile

1.Go to your TikTok Profile page

2.Click on three dots in the top right corner and setting page will open

3.The Analytics section will appear on the Settings page and tap on it

4.Analytical data and stats will be shown.

You can get more analytic details by checking on PC or laptop.

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How to Check Analytics on TikTok In PC

1.Login your TikTok account from PC and Laptop.

2.Click on your Profile picture and select  ‘View Analytics’.

You can download your analytic report in CSV format by checking on PC

Analytics Interface

TikTok analytical Interface simple and clean. There are 3 main tabs in the analytics section


In this section give a summary of performance of your account. You can get an overall number of views, profile views, comments and share statistics over a specific period of time (7 Days,28 Days…).


This section provides statistics on your content. In this section shows videos views and trending videos in the past 7 days.


This section provides your followers behaviour in your account. Followers Gender,Followers Country,Total followers and followers active time shows in the followers section.

How to Check Analytics on Your TikTok Video

Tik Tok lets you check the analytics of videos one by one.Now let see how to check analytics of a video.

1.Find the video you want to show analytics and open it

2.Click on three dots above the sound track

3.Tap on ‘Analytics’ 

I think now you have knowledge of TikTok analytics . So analyze the weekly TikTok statistics and give your followers good content.

Summery in GIF.

Switching To TikTok Pro account

How to Check Analytics on TikTok In Mobile

How to Check Analytics on TikTok In PC

How to Check Analytics on Your TikTok Video


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