How to Get Dark Mode on Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp Easily


The Dark Mode theme became popular a few years ago and many operating systems, browsers and apps released Dark Mode themes to their users. Therefore in this post guide you how to get dark mode on Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp.

Why is Dark Mode so popular ?

Many people change their app interfaces into dark because it’s better for eyes in a low light environment. So app developers added a darker mode feature to their apps to improve app usage with users.

As well as dark mode helps to improve battery life. This is because there is no need to power up all pixels on the display when activating the dark mode.So when you use dark or black themes for your mobile or computer interface the power consumption of the display is reduced.

Now lets see step by step how to get dark mode on facebook,messenger and whatsapp. 


How to Get Dark Mode of Facebook in Mobile

1.Open the Facebook apps and tap hamburger menu

2.Scroll down and tap on Settings & Privacy

3.Tap on Dark mode

4.Select ‘On’ for enable dark mode

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How to Get Dark Mode of Facebook in PC

1.Go to through web browser

2.Click on down arrow button in top left corner

3.Click on ‘Display and Accessibility’

4.Select ‘On’ to get dark mode


How to Enable Dark Mode in Messenger on Mobile

1.Open the Messenger app

2.Tap on profile picture on top left corner

3.Tap on Dark mode  and select On


How to Enable Dark Mode in Whatsapp on Mobile

1.Open the Whatsapp and tap three dots 

2.Tap on ‘Settings

3.Tap on ‘Chats’ 

4.Select ‘Themes’ and choose the theme as ‘Dark

5.Select ‘Dark‘ theme and tap ‘OK

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How to Enable Dark Mode in Whatsapp on PC

1.Open and login to Whatsapp account

2.Click on on three dots

3.Select the ‘Settings’ 

4.Select the ‘Theme’ option

5.Select on ‘Dark‘ theme and click ‘OK

Is it really comfortable for you after changing the theme to dark? Comment below on your experience. If you found this article really useful, don’t forget to share it with others.


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