How To Create 3D Text On Photoshop

3D Text On Photoshop

In this photoshop post you will know how to create 3D text on photoshop step by step.By using these tips you can create amazing posters and banner advertisements and many more.

Let’s get started! 

Step 01- Add a Text

First of all open a new file on photoshop and type any kind of text.

Font type-The Bold Font

1.Make a copy of your text layer by pressing ctrl+J

2.Double click on copied text layer and select Color Overlay

3.Choose a color ( #0045b8) and click OK

4.Select Move tool

5.Mark on ‘Show transform controls’ checkbox

6.Reduse the size of the copied text by transform controls.Holding shift key while dragging the transform handles(small boxes) and reduce the size proportionally.

Note-In photoshop CC 2018 or above version you do not need the hold shift key to transform proportionally.

Step 02- Fill the Gaps

Now you have to fill the gaps between background and foreground texts.For this i am going to use the pen tool to do this.

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1.Click the icon to create a new layer 

2. Placed between the  two text layers

3.Select the pen tool 

4.Create a path between two edges of the texts

5.After complete the path, Right click and select Fill path option

6.Select contents as  Color

7.Select the colour (#0045b8) and click OK

Repeat above steps and fill the gaps between text

8.Select Both layers (Ctrl+click both layers) and press right click

9.Select ‘Convert to Smart Objects’.

Step 3-Polygonal Lasso Tool Selection

Now let’s give some highlights to get a more realistic look on 3D text.Before we should select the areas to make highlights.

There are a lot of ways to make selections but now I am going to use the Polygonal Lasso Tool.

How To Create 3D Text On Photoshop

1.Create the new layer

2.Right click on the new layer and select ‘Create clipping Mask’.

3.Right click on lasso tool or long left click on lasso tool.

4.Select polygonal Lasso tool 

5.Make a selection path as shown in the image above.

Step 4-Highlights

How To Create 3D Text On Photoshop

1.After make selection, Select brush tool

2.Choose Soft round brush

3.Change the foreground color( #012476) 

4.Brush the selected area on the clipping layer

Repeat the Step 3 & 4 for all the letters in the text.

Step 05-Add the Shadow

How To Create 3D Text On Photoshop

1.Make duplicate layer of background text (Ctrl+J)

2.Double click on duplicate layer and select Color Overlay

3.Select a dark color( #000917) and click OK 

How To Create 3D Text On Photoshop

4.Single click on newly copied layer

5.Select Move tool and press Down arrow key on keyboard.

How To Create 3D Text On Photoshop

6.Select the Filter> Blur>Gaussian Blur

7.Adjust blur level and click OK.

Final Result

3D Text On Photoshop

3D Text On Photoshop

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