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How to Block Direct Messages on Instagram ( 4 Methods )


Instagram is a great social platform to share posts and messages with followers. When your Instagram account becomes public on Instagram, you will receive a lot of messages from people. Some profiles embarrass you by texting irrelevant messages. Therefore I am going to show how to block direct messages on Instagram to avoid these problems

how to block direct messages on instagram

There are 4 methods available to block Instagram messages. These 4 methods work completely differently from each other. You can choose any of these methods according to the nature of receiving messages in Instagram. But in the end you can use Instagram without getting annoying messages by following these Instagram hacks.

Turn off notification

If you are a celebrity or influencer on Instagram, this method is best for you. In every time you receive a message, Instagram notifies you in the notification bar. If you receive tons of messages from your followers, message notifications are really annoying for you.

So Instagram lets you customize what notifications you find most convenient. If you turn off message notification, your followers can message you but Instagram will not notify you. Now lets see how to turn off notifications on Instagram.

1.Open the instagram and tap profile icon right side corner

2.Tap hamburger menu ( Three line menu )

3.Goto ‘Your activity

4.Swipe left to select ‘Time

5.Tap on ‘Notification Settings

6.Tap on ‘Messages

7.Turn off message notifications

Tip: After turning off message notifications, you can check messages and reply in your free time.

Change an Instagram Profile from Public to Private

If you receive more spam message from unknown people on Instagram, try this method to avoid it. When your Instagram account is public anybody can view your posts and can send messages. Therefore you can change your account in to public to private. Only your followers can send you direct messages and you must approve the followers.

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Note: If you want to change your professional account to a privet account, you need to switch back to personal account

1.Go to your profile by tapping profile icon in bottom right corner

2.Tap hamburger menu ( three line menu )

3.Goto the ‘Settings

4.Tap on ‘Privacy’ shown in padlock icon

5.Toggle the switch for Enable private account

Block Instagram Accounts

If you receive an annoying message from a specific account, you can block that account on Instagram. This is the most common method to block Instagram messages. Follow the steps shown below to block an Instagram account.

1.Open the Instagram app

2.Go to the profile of the person you wish to block

3.Tap three dot at top right corner

4.Finally Select  ‘Block’ 

Note: After you block an account, that person will not be able to see your post, follow you, or send you messages.

Restrict the Account

When you restrict an account, messages received in a message request tab. You will not receive a notification when a restricted person messaged you. As well as if you look at their message, they will not be notified by the ‘seen’ text in the chat.

1.Open the instagram account and go to the profile that you want to restrict

2.Tap three dots at the top right corner

3.Tap ‘Restrict

Note: You can comment each other posts even if you restrict the account 


  • Turn off notification best for block bulk message notifications. If you have received messages every time try this
  • If you want to block messages from strangers, change your profile public to private
  • Block or Restrict the account when you receive unwanted messages from a specific account

I hope now you know how to block direct messages on instagram in 4 ways. Which method are you going to follow  to block messages. Comment below and don’t forget to share !


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