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What is the Size of instagram post [ Complete Guide ]


Instagram always upgrade their platform to give a good user experience for users. So in this  post you will know What is the Size of Instagram post.

It is really helpful for growing your brand or business on Instagram.

If you want to get more likes and followers, definitely you should know about post sizes and posting methods on Instagram.

So in this blog post you can learn about Instagram post sizes and tips in a simple way which is really helpful for growing your brand or business on Instagram.

Mainly 4 types of posting options are available on Instagram. Those are Feed post, Stories, Videos post and IGTV.

Each posting sizes and resolutions are totally different from each other.

So let’s gets started the everything you need to know about Instagram post sizes.


Feed posting is the common posting type using images. There are 3 types of post sizes available for feed posting on Instagram.

Supported Image file is PNG or JPG and size should be below 30MB.

1:1Square ratio

This is Instagram’s native ratio with 1080×1080 pixels resolution. when we post in square ratio, it will give a good view in grid photo layout without any cropping.

1.91:1 Landscape ratio

This is the least attractive posting type. Because its height is too small when comparing width. Instagram always prefers larger images. Resolution is 1080×680 pixels.

4:5 Vertical ratio

Resolution of the vertical post is 1080×1350 px. But the ratio of images taken from cameras are not familiar with above sizes.

Because those images size ratios are 2:3 and 16:9. So you can post those images in two methods.

first method is you can crop your image into familiar post ratio. Next method is over cropping method.

But you will get extra spaces both sides of the image. It reduces the attractiveness of the image.


what size are instagram photos

Resolution of the Instagram stories is 1080x1920px (9:16 vertical ratio). You can get more engagements through stories.

Because the screen occupancy of the stories is higher than feed posts. Therefore, stories can be used for marketing purposes.

If you have more than 10k followers, then you can set external links for stories.

Videos as Post

This is the same as the feed posting method. Because all feed post ratios suitable for posting video.

According to the current update minimum video length should be 3s and maximum length should be 60s.

When you post videos as a feed you can’t get the seeking bar as well as play or push buttons.

Maximum video resolution is 640×360 which is SD quality and allowable file size is 4GB.


Instagram introduced a separate platform for posting longer videos called IG TV.

Initially Instagram allowed only vertical videos for uploading on IG TV. But in 2019 they allowed horizontal videos also.

Video length should be 1min to 10mins.Verified accounts can upload up to 60mins. and supported videos format is MP4. Allowable file size is 3.6 GB.

Portrait Video Resolution -1080x1920px (9:16 Ratio)

You will get more views through vertical videos. than Portrait videos.

IGTV thumbnail size is 492×762 pixels. If your content creator IG TV is suitable for it.

Instagram announce they are ready to monetize IG TV from June 2020 onwards. Not like a video post, you can see the seeking bar and play/push button in IG TV.

So now what do you think about Instagram post sizes? still Is it a big deal for you? Leave a comment in the comment section below.


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