How do I use My Instagram account for Business?

Today, Instagram is not just a social platform which is a great place for marketing your product or services. You can develop your brand through Instagram even if it’s a small business. But you have to few know strategies to achieve goals.

So in this post i going to share really easy and important tips and tricks to improve your business through Instagram.

1.Create a Business Account

This is the first step you have to do on Instagram because there are cool features included in a business account.

You can analyse your posts, stories and followers through this account. Initially you have to create a personal account after that you can convert into a business account.

Steps to create a business account on Instagram

    1. Download the Instagram app from app store like Google play store
    2. Open the app and tap the Sign Up button
    3. Type your Email address and click Enter
    4. Now enter your username, password and your personal details
    5. Click Done

Now you have an Instagram personal account and you can convert it into a business account by following these steps.

Steps for convert personal account into business account

    1. Log in to your account through Instagram app
    2. Tap the profile icon at below right of the screen
    3. Now tap the hamburger icon (Three lines ) at top right and select Settings 
    4. Tap Account
    5. Click switch into business account and continue
    6. Enter your business details and click Done.

Now you can access your business account.

2.Choose a Eye Catching Profile Picture

First impression is the best impression therefore you have to give more attention when you choose a profile picture.

Sometimes people measure your brand quality through your profile picture. You can make eye catching profile pictures using contrast colours related to your theme.

You can add your logo or your good looking photo but it should be a unique and clean photo.

3.Write a Killer Bio

Bio is a section where you need to tell a simple introduction about your product or service. This is the first thing people see after visiting your profile.

So try to give a short description about your skills, goals, what you do, passion etc. Emoji’s also can add in to the bio but don’t use more

4.Add a Website

If you have a blog, website or a portfolio add in to your Instagram account. You will get some traffic through this and easily find your product or services to followers.

The link appears below the bio so people can access your site. If you have more than one website, try to use link managing websites Linktree. its helps to connect all your social platforms and websites in one place.

5.Power up your Feed

Feed is the place to show your skills, products and contents. People will follow your account according to your contents.

Therefore, make sure to publish quality contents and videos. while publishing posts, create own publishing patterns to get more engagement.

Try to same colour themes, Fonts and designs to your posts because it makes professional look to your account.

Write a good description and add some related hashtags to every post.

6.Post Regularly

Consistency is an important matter when maintaining an Instagram account. If you want to get more followers, you should post content regularly.

You can decide how many posts to publish in a day or week. Definitely you will get more followers according to your publishing schedule.

7.Get Analytics

After your hard work you can check your results through Instagram analytics.

Can check analytics on Instagram app or you can check on Facebook creator through your browser. Analyze your stats regularly because it’s a great way to identify your audience.

You should improve your contents according analyzing details.

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