8 Instagram Story Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed

Posting Instagram stories is an amazing way to grow your Instagram account. In this post I am going to show Instagram Story Hacks to increasing engagement with followers.

But most people don’t know how to use it properly. Therefore, we have listed best Instagram stories tips to get more followers to your account.

No need add filters or any other effects to these steps. You can post amazing stories using default features in Instagram.

First of all, you have to know about the difference between stories and posts. 


  •     Its help to make personal relationship between you and your audience
  •      Can post behind scenes moments
  •     Content quality of videos does not matter
  •       Can use as a feedback tool using stickers


  •    Its help to reach more new people
  •  Content quality is must important
  •  Help to build a brand presence

Now let’s see cool tips to make amazing stories

Instagram Story Hacks-2021

#1 Pick More Colors

When you are trying to choose a color, automatically Instagram gives few colors to use to text. But, if you want get more colors  try this method.Instagram Story Hacks

Take a color and press it long then you will get an entire color scheme. Then you can pick your own color for your text.

#2 Gradient Color Effect

If you are not satisfied with the single color you can add more colors to your text. Its similar earlier step but you have used both hands to do this.


  1. Add a text which you want
  2. Highlight your text
  3. Take a color and press it long to get color scheme
  4. Drag the color picker from top to bottom at same time remove the highlight section one by one. (You can get a rainbow effect by dragging the color picker left to right.)

Instagram Story Hacks

#3 Multiple Images in Single Story

Now Instagram allows you to add multiple photos into a single story. For example, If you have multiple photos of your birthday party or vacation you can add them as albums in a single page.


  1. Open story and take a blank picture
  2. Tap sticker icon at top of the screen
  3. Scroll down and tap multiple photo icon
  4. Select the image from gallery and add to the story
  5. Repeat the step 2,3,4 to add multiple photos in single  story

Instagram Story Hacks

Done! Now you can make your own photo collage in one story. So no need to add more stories for each photo.

#4 Publish every answers in single story

This tip is really useful if you use Instagram’s quiz function. You can share all your answers in a single story using this cool tip. Let’s see how it works.

  1. Select your answer and add to story (don’t publish it)
  2. Take a screenshot of story with answer and discard the story
  3. Again re-upload that screenshot to the story
  4. Add another answer 

By repeating these steps, you can add more answers to the single story.

#5 Write on the GIF

You can give a glow effect to your line arts using this cool tip Follow the steps below to make an interesting story


  1. Take a random story and add a colorful GIF like Diamond
  2. Make it large for nice layout
  3. Download that story as a video
  4. Re-upload that video to the story
  5. Pick a color and long Press on the screen
  6. Write on the screen using Eraser

#6 Translucent Color Layer

Do you want to add a color layer on your image or video? In a single click you can colorize your story.

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  1. Open the story tab and image or video
  2. Tap the pen icon top of the screen
  3. Select the highlighter 
  4. Choose a color from bottom of the screen
  5. Long tap on the image to get translucent color on the image or video

#7 Revealed Stories

With the eraser tool you can make a revealing story by exposing your image step by step.

These story hacks are great for introducing new products, new foods or drinks to your business.


  1. Add a image on the Instagram story
  2. Use the brush and fill with a color (use trick #6)
  3. Now select eraser tool 
  4. Erase the color so that a small slice appears in your image
  5. Tap the save to your gallery (But do not upload it yet.)
  6. Delete the color layer step by step and tap the Save button on each step
  7. Start a new story and post the saved image one by one, like  revealing a photo

Instagram Story Hacks

#8 Green Screen Stories

Green screen  is used to make custom backgrounds in video production. But using green screen filter in the Instagram stories you can create custom video or image background with just one click. You can post reaction videos as Instagram stories using this filter.


  1. Open story and scroll left until reach magnifying glass icon
  2. Tap the magnifying glass 
  3. Type ‘Green Screen’ in search bar and search
  4. Tap ‘try it’ in green screen filter
  5. Tap ‘Add media’ and select photo or video  in gallery which you want set background

Instagram Story Hacks

What is your favorite Instagram Story Hacks ? Tell us in the comment section below.

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