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7 Simple (But Important) Tips to Improve Your Typography Skills.


When you design an event poster, wedding card or YouTube thumbnail definitely
you should follow typography rules.

If not the result will be not good as you expect. Small typography changes create a huge effect on your design. look at the following image.

Did you read above image? This is called typography hierarchy. pay attention to the order in which you read the above image.

You may have seen the big fonts first and then the smallest fonts. This is why I said typography is an important factor to get attention from others.

In this blog post you get good knowledge in typography rules and you can develop your designing skills to the next level.

Basically there are two types of typography styles used in designing works. Those are expressive typography (used for good visual look) and functional typography (used for read).

In this post I explain about tips related to functional typography.

1.Line Height

Most of the designers do not consider line height when typesetting. They try to give more gaps between two lines because visually it looks pretty good. But it feels uncomfortable while reading. Therefore, Line height should be smaller than 150% of font size.

2.Font weight

The Meaning of the sentence can be changed by font weights. Therefore, you should consider the width of the font.

Readers can easily understand meaning in the text by using different font widths. Also it helps to organize the article or paragraph.

try use bold fonts for head line and light for body.

3.Colour Shade and Contrast

When you use different colour shades, it helps to build hierarchy in text.

According to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)Contrast ratio for larger text should be 3:1 when comparing smaller text.

Contrast ratio for normal text is 4.5:1. Therefore adjust your contrast of your topics and paragraphs correct way.

4.Paragraph length

Paragraph length is an important thing to consider when doing typesetting.

If you are  using more characters in one line that will help to increase the readability level.

Therefore, try to keep 50-75 characters per line in the paragraph (in 14-18 points in size). 15 characters is enough for a topic.


Typeface is also another important factor that affects readability. You can choose any typeface for the topic according to your design.

But in paragraph you should use typeface which is easy to read. Try to use regular typefaces for paragraphs.

As well as don’t use too many font types in the design because  the contrast will change.

6.Font Size

Font sizes depend on design and the meaning. Choosing the right font size is not a big deal. basic typography principle is enough for you to choose the font size.

12 pt is an absolute minimum, but 14-16 pt is much better for a paragraph.24- 36 pt is pretty good for a topic.


What do you think about alignment? Don’t use centre alignment for your long paragraph. because it’s difficult to move eyes to read the whole paragraph.

therefore, try to use left alignment for the paragraph. if you use left alignment, users easy to find where each line begins.

Right alignment is also a great choice when you are in the Middle east. You can use middle alignment for special cases such as emergency notices.

Use these typography tips and improve your design process. Thanks for reading this post and If you think this post is important, please share to others.


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