Colors Used by Famous Brands!

Can we communicate with colors? Yes of course. colors are a powerful tool for communication. We can express our emotions through colors. Choosing colors for a logo is very important matter. Because, the logo is the first impression of any product or service. If we are using suitable colors, we can get a better identity for a brand. That’s why we should give more attention when choosing colors to a logo.
Let me explain with an example.
Main colors used for the Apple logo is Black and White. When we look at it, It makes a sophisticated feel for us. Why is that? Because of color psychology.
Lot of emotions connect with various colors. Color is one of the primitive forms of communication we have. So in this Blog post we are going to talk about Colors used in famous Logos.


Colors Used by Famous Brands!

According to Color Psychology Red color means Love, Power and Energetic Emotions. Also Red is a warm color and attention-grabber. Lots of brands use red as a main color for their logos.
  • Coca Cola
  • Lego
  • Canon


Colors Used by Famous Brands!

Yellow is the brightest color when comparing other colors. Its combination of red and green. This Color is suitable for Optimism, Cheerful logos. Yellow is great for POS displays. Here are some examples.
  • Nikon
  • Subway
  • Ferrari


Orange is the combination of Red and Yellow. So it expresses more feelings. Friendly, Confident and fun meant by Orange. Energy, Warmth and prosperity are some common associations for oranges.
  • Blogger
  • Firefox


Green is a very calm color as well as connected with nature. Green considered as a positive and safety reaction. It’s also an eye catching color. This color is great for healthy, natural and fresh brands. Wealth, harmony, fertility are some associations with the green.
  • Starbucks
  • Android
  • Spotify


Colors Used by Famous Brands!
Blue is a cool color. It indicates various types of emotions. Confidence, Security, loyalty and clam are some common associations for blue. Most Tech giants use blue color for their logos because it’s associated with intelligent.
  • Facebook
  • HP
  • Dell


Colors Used by Famous Brands!
Pink color is considered as feminine color. This color indicates love, Romance and Sexuality. Pink expresses calm feelings for us. It’s also associated with chillness and innocent. Pink is a great color for beauty culture and toy logos.
  • Barbie
  • Victoria’s Secret


Colors Used by Famous Brands!
Black seen as a symbol of professionalism. Black expresses various types of feelings such as Elegance, luxury, Power and intelligence. It can also be used for evil, death and mystery. Lots of brands use black color to represent loyalty and luxury.
  • Nike
  • Chanel
  • WWF


Colors Used by Famous Brands!
Purple is the color of royalty and sophistication. It’s the combination of Red and Blue. This color more suitable for cosmetics and high quality brands. Powerful, Wealthy, Dignity meant by purple.
  • Yahoo!
  • Cadbury

Now I think you have a clear idea about color psychology. When you create a logo think about emotions and use suitable colors.

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