8 Best Social Media Management Tools 2021

Day by day social media is getting smarter and more competitive. In this article, you will know the eight best social media management tools to get a huge audience for your account.

Some time you have to manage multiple accounts at same time to get more followers.

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Maintaining those accounts and publishing fresh posts are not easy. 

But using social media management  tools easily you can manage all your accounts.


Social Media Management Tools

Price: $2/month

Infographics are a great way to present information because it makes more engaging to read.

When you are doing a report or PowerPoint presentation, it’s really difficult to create infographics to your document.

But Easel.ly is the best solution to avoiding that problem. They provide 1000 of templates, tools and images for you document.

Easel.ly useful website for teachers, students and marketers.


Social Media Management Tools

Price: $29/month

Iconosqure is a Facebook and Instagram analytical and management platform which is used by 10 million registered users.

They provide useful tools and resources to grow your brand and social accounts. You can take a 14day trial without submitting a credit card.


Social Media Management Tools


Plann is a complete Instagram post management web application. Post and story scheduling, Analytics, post editing tool and more features provided by them.

2 million instagramers use plann for publishing post. They create awesome Instagram grids in a few seconds.

4.Hashtags for likes

Social Media Management Tools


Hashtags are a great way to gain more likes to Instagram. But finding an effective hashtag is not an easy task. Therefore, Hashtags for likes ready to find better hashtags for your post to get more like and shares.

By using Hashtags for like you can find trending hashtags and hashtag suggestions for your Instagram and TikTok posts.


Social Media Management Tools


Canava is an online photo editing web application for creators. You can design amazing photos thumbnails and post without installing any software.

You don’t need any kind of design skills because they Provide more than 50000 templates and images for your design.


Social Media Management Tools


Nowadays, everyone has more than one social account. So getting more followers and likes for each account is a little harder. Buffer will help to overcome that problem.

Using a buffer you can post in every platform in one second. Automatically it will publish your posts according to your given schedule. You can control your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and twitter accounts through buffer.


Social Media Management Tools


Bitly is a URL shortener platform which can make custom URLs for your posts. That means you can shorten your long URL.

By using Bitly you  track your post URL and easily analyze it. Short URL makes more reach to audience than long. As a Content creator you can reach more audience by using Bitly.


Social Media Management Tools


By this tool you can manage both Instagram and Pinterest accounts at the same time.

It helps to upload bulk images and publish according to a given schedule. Hashtag suggestion feature also available for users to get more reach.

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