Is Signal More Secure Than Whatsapp In 2021? [Tips and Tricks]

After Policy issues in whatsapp people try to use whatsapp alternatives to send messages. Signal is a trending app right now in the app store because of high privacy features. Is signal more secure than Whatsapp? Let’s dive in to the post to find the answer.

Signal private messenger, developed by Signal Foundation, a non-profit organization. Is it the best alternative to Whatsapp? Let see every features and options one by one in Signal

How to Start Up

Signal is available for all mobile platforms like iOS and Android. You can download in app store or official Signal website.

You must allow access to your gallery, contacts, and files after you download the app.after that you have to give your mobile number and username to create a signal account.

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

Finally the signal will ask for a 4 digit pin number to store your encrypted data.You not need this pin to open the app.

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

How to Create a Group

Also in Signal, you can create groups with your friends or family.Maximum members limit is 1000 in the new update.If you want to shift your group member from whatsapp to signal,just share the Signal group link.

Tap pen Icon>>New group>>Select the members

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

Disappearing Message

Minimum time limit for disappearing messages in whatsapp is 7 days.But in Signal you can delete your message  in 5 seconds after receiving the message.

Select a chat>>3 dot menu>>Disappearing messages>>Set custom time

You can set custom time as you wish to enable disappearing messages.

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

Note to self

This is a cool feature only available in signal app.’Note to self’ means you can send a message yourself.You can send yourself important notes, lists or pictures to find easily.

Tap pen Icon>>Scroll down>>Select ‘Note to Self’

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

Single Time Image View 

This is similar to disappearing message features but it works with images. Automatically image will when the receiver sees the image.So your pictures are not saved on other people’s phone even when you send them.

Select a Image>>Click on infinite icon>>Change in to 1X

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

Double Tick Messaging 

Similar to whatsapp double tick messaging available in Signal

  • Message was send-Single tick
  • Message was received-Double tick
  • Message was seen-Ash Double tick 

Security features

Screen lock

Signal has an inbuilt app lock feature to prevent unauthorized access.You can set custom inactivity timeout (Min time-1 minutes).Once the app is locked you can unlock it with the Android screen lock or fingerprint.

Tap Profile Icon>>Privacy>>Toggle Screen Lock and Set inactivity timeout

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

Screen security

This is the safest feature I’ve ever seen in signal.You can restrict take screenshots of chats,images or anything within the app.

Tap Profile Icon>>Privacy>>Toggle Screen security

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

Relay Calls

This is also a high security feature available in Signal.You can call someone through a signal server without revealing your IP address to your contacts by enabling real calls feature.

But call quality will be slightly reduced in this feature.

Tap Profile Icon>>Privacy>>Toggle always relay calls

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

Secure Backup

When you change your device, whatsapp chats automatically sync with the new device. Because chat logs and backup history are saved in the whatsapp server.But in Signal,by default backup is saved in your device not in external server.

However you can create a local backup of the chat history encrypted with the password.

Tap Profile Icon>>Privacy>>Chats and media>>Chat backups

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

Storage Optimization features

Signal Represents storage usage graphically as in whatsapp.But they allow more option to optimise your message history storage on your device.

Tap Profile Icon>>Storage

Keep messages-Automatically delete your message in custom time period (1year,6 months,30 days)

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

Conversation length limit-You can delete old messages after a certain message amount instantly in this option.If you select 100 messages as the conversation length limit, old messages will be deleted when the limit is exceeded.

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

Clear message history-You can instantly delete all message history by tapping this option. 

Signal For Desktop

You can’t use Signal in a desktop web browser. You have to download Signal desktop software on your PC. You can make videos/voice calls through your PC. But your Signal window will be fresh and did not show your mobile chat history on your desktop.

Is signal more secure than whatsapp

Suppose you now have a better idea of using the signal application. If you want to know about Whatsapp tips and tricks click here.

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