10 Summer Color Palette Ideas to Take your Designs to the Next Level


Summer is the warmest season compared to other seasons. It is associated with hot and dry weather.

During the summer season the whole environment is refreshing and cheerful.

The combination of weather, light and the colors of the environment gives it a vivid feeling to the mind.

When you design anything related to summer you need to be concerned about what colors should be used.

In this article you will find the 10 best summer color palettes for your design to your business products like t-shirts, beverages and cosmetics.

These color palettes are inspired from nature during summer season. You can find beautiful color combinations by  just observing your surroundings.

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Clouds, landscapes, morning sunlight, fruits and flowers are the natural decorations of the summer season.

10 summer color palettes to spark your creativity

You can easily copy Hex codes for each color and use it for your artworks and designs.

Pale Spring Bud #E1FFB1 | Yellow Green #B6E388

Menthol #C7F2A4 | | Very Pale Yellow #FCFFB2

Celtic Blue #277BCO | Chinese Yellow #FFB200

Sunglow #FFCB42 | Lemon Chiffon #FFF4CF

Cultured #F7F7F7 | Ripe Mango #FFB72B

Yellow Sun #FFE61B | Yellow-Green #B5FE83

Picton Blue #3DB2FF | Papaya Whip #FFEDDA

Ripe Mango #FFB830 | Awesome #FF2442

Pale Blue #B5EAEA | Alabaster #EDF6E5

Light pink #FFBCBC | Pink Sherbet #F38BA0

Light Yellow #FEFFDE | Tea Green #DDFFBC

Dark Sea Green #91C788 | Fern Green #52734D

Very Light Tangelo #FFAB73 | Topaz #FFD384

Calamansi #FFF9B0 | Light Pink #FFAEC0

Very Pale Yellow #FDFFBC | Blond #FFEEBB

Peach Puff #FFDCB8 | Melon #FFC1B6

Tickle Me Pink #FF8BA7 | Bubble Gum #FFC6C7

Linen #FAEEE7 | Tea Green #C3F0CA

Rajah #FFA45B | Dandelion #FFDA77

Seashell #FBF6F0 | Powder Blue #AEE6E6

Examples of summer-based posters


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