How to Stream to Facebook and YouTube at the Same Time ( Step-by-Step )


Most popular live streaming platforms right now are Facebook and Youtube. Gamers,Celebrities,Teachers and many users live stream their videos on these 2 platforms. You can easily start a live stream on Facebook and YouTube separately. But how to Stream to Facebook and Youtube at the Same Time? In this article you will find the answer to that question.

OBS Setup

OBS is totally free broadcasting software which is used by professional streamers. Through OBS you can control your live stream using advanced features. Video mixing, game capture and screen recording are the main features provided by OBS.

1.First of all download and install OBS software to your pc from the official OBS website.Be sure to update the software if you already have it installed (Latest version-26.1.1).

2.Go to Settings>Video>Change the base and output ratio.

  • Base (Canvas) resolution-1920×1080
  • Output(Scaled) resolution-1280×720

3.Next open the obs and click Scene Collection>New>give a name for the profile>OK.

4.Go to the source window and click ’+’ icon and select display capture.

5.Give a name for your display capture and hit ‘OK’.

Now the OBS captures your window screen and is ready to start recording or streaming.

Facebook Streaming Setup

Now we are going to set up a facebook profile for live streaming.

1.Open your Facebook account or page.

2.Create a ‘Live’ post on Facebook.

3.Select the ‘Use Stream Key’ option to start a live stream.

4.Copy the Stream Key is shown in Live Stream Setup.

5.Again go to the Settings>Stream>Service and select Facebook Live.

6.Paset your facebook stream key and click ‘OK’.

Now facebook streaming setup is finished and your video will live stream on Facebook by clicking the ‘Start Streaming’ button.Do not rush! We have to  set up youtube streaming with OBS.

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Youtube Streaming Setup

Setting up the Facebook stream is already over, but now is the time to set up the YouTube stream.

1.Visit your youtube channel and click ‘Go Live’.

2.Select ‘Start’ in the Right now option. 

3.Select ‘Streaming software’  and click ‘Go’.

4.Now you can edit descriptions and thumbnails.After finished the setup click ‘Save’.

5.Copy the stream URL and Stream Key in Youtube.

6.Goto the settings in OBS and select Output>Output mode change to Advanced.

7.Select Recording tab change following options.

  • Type– Custom Output (FFmpeg)
  • FFmpeg Output Type–Output to URL

8.Paste the Youtube Stream URL and Stream Key in the File path or URL box. (Eg-rtmp://Youtube Stream URL/Stream Key)

9.Finally Click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.

Now facebook streaming and Youtube streaming is done.Now you can stream to facebook and youtube at the same time by clicking both buttons ‘Start Streaming’ and ‘Start Recording’.

  • Start Streaming for facebook Streaming
  • Start Recording for Youtube Streaming

So now you know how to stream to Facebook and Youtube at the same time. When your streaming two platforms you need a good internet connection. Otherwise your video will freeze during streaming. So be sure to connect to a high speed internet connection before starting the live stream.


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