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Can I Go Live on Instagram on My Computer| Step-by-Step


Can I share my computer screen live on Instagram? Can I go live on Instagram on my computer? Definitely yes! You can stream videos to your Instagram followers via your computer or laptop. In this article I am going to show you how to go live on Instagram on your computer.

Necessary Tools

We need a few tools before we go live on Instagram on PC. The first thing we need is a laptop or PC. If you want to share your face or background you need a webcam. Operating system doesn’t matter because  the procedure is the same in windows and mac.

After that we need two software to install on your computer to do a live stream. First one is OBS Studio which is open source broadcast software. It’s completely free and it helps us stream videos everywhere we want.

Next software is Yellow Duck which is software that allows us to use OBS stream to send it to Instagram. Its free software that can be downloaded for Windows and Mac.

 After installing two softwares open the OBS studio starts  the live stream.

How do I set up OBS for streaming?

1.Goto Profile>New and give a name for your profile.

2.Click on Settings>Video>Base(Canvas) Resolution. Now change your video streaming resolution. In this case I am going to change it to 1080×1920 and hit OK.

3.Click ‘+’ in source window and select ‘Display Capture’ option

4.Give a name for your display capture source and hit OK.Now you are able to see your computer screen capture on OBS.

5.Resize your display window according to our layout.I arrange my window as in the image shown below and open my photoshop to share editing tips live.

You can share your window and your face at the same time by adding sources by clicking ‘+’ symbol.

How to link Instagram for streaming?

Now open yellow duck software to connect your instagram account for streaming. have logged into your instagram account through yellow duck software by entering username and password. (According to there privacy policy they will not store your logins and password on there servers or in the application ) 

2.After login you will receive the RTMP Url and Stream key.Dont share these things because anybody can stream through on your Instagram account.Now copy RTMP Url and Stream key

3.Again open the OBS and goto Settings>Stream>Stream type and select the custom streaming server. After that Paste RTMP Url  and streaming key and hit OK.

4.Finally click ‘Start Streaming’ on OBS and ‘Start Broadcast’ on Yellow Duck.

Now go check on instagram through different accounts  and your computer window is live on instagram.

If you want to stop live streaming just click ‘Stop streaming’ on OBS studio and click ‘Stop Broadcast’ on Yellow Duck.

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This is the way to live stream your video for instagram followers through the computer easily. 

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