How to Schedule a Post on Facebook 2021 (Mobile/PC)

How to Schedule a Post on Facebook 2021

Do you pay third party tools for managing your facebook post? Don’t do that !In this post I am going to show how to schedule a Post on facebook 2021 through facebook’s own scheduling feature. This feature is available for business pages only. Therefore it does not work on personal profiles.

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Why Should I Schedule a Post?


Consistency is a more important factor to improve followers engagement.By scheduling you keep consistent time gaps between your post.So your audience knows when to expect updates

Time Management

It really helps to save you dont need to give extra attention to your posts and posting time. 

How to Schedule Facebook Posts on Desktop

1.log in to your page

2.Click publishing tool in left side column

3.Go to Creator studio

4.Click on create post

5.Create your post and post window will pop up

6.Click on ‘Share now’ button (White color button)

7.Select schedule option and set your date

Automatically facebook will publish your post on the scheduled date

How to Schedule Facebook Posts on Mobile

Don’t have a PC? No problem you can manage your posts with your mobile.

1.Install Facebook Business Suite app (Available on Android & iOS)

2.Open the app and login with existing account

3.Tap the icon in the middle bottom

4.Create your post and tap next

5.Select Scheduling option

6.Tap on ‘Schedule later’ option

7.Finally Set your Date

How to Schedule a Post on Facebook 2021 (Mobile/PC)

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