How to Download Fonts into Photoshop (Windows/Mac)

How to Download Fonts into Photoshop

Fonts really matter when you design any project. Therefore in this post you will get know how to download fonts into Photoshop.

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The idea of the post can be expressed in different ways through fonts. So choosing the right font is a key factor for the quality of the design.

Now let’s see how to add fonts to Photoshop.

#1 Browse and Select the Font

There are plenty of websites available to download awesome, and Google fonts are some of them.

Most websites allow free download for personal use but for commercial use you have to pay for the font.When you read the Fonts License you will know that the Fonts are free or not for commercial use.

So I often prefer Google fonts because all fonts are free for commercial use. More than 900+ fonts are available in google fonts.

#2 Download the Font family

After finding a suitable font click on the font thumbnail.Then you are able to see font styles for  the selected font.

You can download all styles by clicking ‘Download family’. It will download as a Zip file 

#3 Install the fonts

Find the downloaded zip file and Unzip it. There will be the font files in .ttf or .otf format.

Double-click on that file and the font layout window will pop up

Click the install button at the top bar 

After installing fonts will be saved in the font folder.

#4 Open photoshop and select the font

Now open the photoshop and create a new layer.

Select the horizontal type tool

You can selected downloaded font on font list

After selecting the font, you can change the font style as you like

Finally, create the perfect designs

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