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How to Hide Your Following List on TikTok


TikTok Privacy options have been updated, adding more features to make it easier to handle.

You can control the comments, the list of followers and many other privacy features one by one.

In this post I am going to show how to hide your following list on TikTok easily. 

Why You May Need to Hide Your Following List on Tiktok

People can easily judge what kind of person you are through your list of followers.

If someone checks your list of followers carefully, that person will easily know your age group, your favorite celebrities, your favorite field, and so on.

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Therefore your privacy will be more secure when you hide the following list on tiktok.

If you want to hide what you like or what you are interested in from the public, this feature will definitely help you.

How to Hide Your Following List on TikTok

Follow the steps shown below to hide your following list on TikTok. 

1.Go to profile

2.Tap Hamburger menu top right corner

3.Tap  ‘Privacy

4.Scroll down and tap following list

5.Select ‘Only Me’ to hide your following list on tiktok

Note-Only those who follow you can see that you are following someone!

How to Make Your TikTok Account Private

If you want more details to hide from the public ,Change your tik tok account to private.

When you change your public account private,

  • You videos will not suggest to others (Only your followers can see your videos)
  • People can’t follow you until you accept the followers request
  • Everyone can’t send direct messages to you
  • People cant see followers list

 Do you want to share TikTok videos only with people you know?  This feature is best for you.

Note– If you want to reach more people on Tiktok, do not enable this feature, as Tiktok does not recommend your videos to others when your account is private.

1.Again go to your profile and tap hamburger menu

2.Tap ‘Privacy’ 

3.Toggle the switch in front of ‘Private account


Tiktok gives full control of privacy to their users. You can hide your following list on tik tok easily through the above methods.

You can freely follow anyone by hiding your following list on TikTok. No one knows what you are following!


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