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How to Earn Coins on TikTok ( Everything you need to know )


Make money from tiktok is not secret any more. You can earn money through Tiktok live streaming.

Tiktok coins and diamonds play major role while  live streaming on Tiktok. In this post I am going to show how to earn coins on Tiktok and how to withdraw money from Tiktok.

What Are Tik Tok Coins

Tiktok coins are virtual coins which can be used in the TikTok app. When you create a tik tok account, your initial  coin balance is zero. But you can purchase  coins using real money from TikTok.

These coins have fixed value which is decided by Tik Tok. Using this coins you can send emoji gifts to live streamers on TikTok.

How to Earn Coins on TikTok

There is no way to earn direct coins from tik tok but you can earn gifts instead of coins. When You are doing a live stream on tik tok, viewers can send virtual gifts to you.

These virtual gifts stored in your tik tok wallet as diamonds. Finally you can withdraw these diamonds to real money.

Below image explains converting procedure from coins to diamond in tiktok

  • Coins-You need to buy using real money
  • Virtual Gifts-What you give to live streamer spending coins
  • Diamonds-What you can earn from the live stream by receiving gifts

Note-The value of a diamond is 50% of one coin.

If the viewer sends a gift of 100 coins to the creator in a live stream,50 diamonds will be stored in the creator’s wallet.

How to Withdraw Tik Tok Diamonds

As a creator you can withdraw your funds once you cross the $ 100 Threshold. The maximum you can withdraw daily is $ 1000. It takes 15 days to process the withdrawal and you get paid through Paypal.

Note-$1 USD=200 diamonds

1.Open the tik tok app and tap profile

2.Tap hamburger menu (Three line) at top right corner

3.Tap on balance

4.Tap Live gifts

5.Tap Withdraws

How to Buy Coins on TikTok

Once when you created a Tik Tok account your coin balance is zero in your wallet. But you can recharge your wallet by purchasing coins from tiktok.

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1.Open the tik tok app and tap profile

2.Tap hamburger menu (Three line) at top right corner

3.Tap on balance

4.Tap recharge 

5.Tap the price next to the coin package you would like to buy. 

6.Make the payment

How to send virtual gifts

You can give gifts as a viewer to your favourite live streamer. Before sending a gift, make sure you have enough coins in your Tik Tok  wallet.

1.Go the live video on tik tok 

2.tap Gift box icon

3.Select the gift what you want send to live streamer


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