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How to Find Out When an Instagram Account Was Made


Do you remember the day you created your Instagram account?

If the answer is no, then this post is for you!

I am going to show how to find out when an Instagram account was made easily.

Through this method you can find out how old your account, your followers’ account or any other public person’s account is.

How to find out when an instagram account was made (Own)

If you want to see how old your Instagram account is, it is very simple and does not require any third party application. You just need to follow below steps to  find out when your Instagram account was made.


1.Open the Instagram app and go to your profile

2.Tap hamburger menu at top right corner 

3.Tap on the ‘Settings’ 

4.Tap on Security >Access Data


1.Visit and go to your profile

2.Click gear wheel icon near to account name

3.Click ‘Privacy and Security’ in the popup window

4.Scroll down and click ‘View account data’ 

In the ‘Account Info’ section you can see when you created the Instagram account.

In addition to viewing the  account created date, you can check your profile information, followers’ accounts, login activities, and your story activities in this section.

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How to find out when an instagram account was made (Someone’s)

Do you want to know how to find out when others’ Instagram accounts were created?  Just Follow the steps shown below.

1.Go to the account which you want check when that account was made

2.Tap the three dots at top right corner

3.Tap ‘About this account

Whether it is a personal or business account, you can easily see when that account was created through this feature. In addition to the date the account was created, Instagram shows the account-based country and former usernames.

Note-This feature is not functional on the PC and is only available on the Instagram app

This method is really helpful for knowing real and fake accounts. If you receive suspicious messages from Instagram, check the date the account was created and the former username.

If it was recently created and has many former usernames, it could be a fake account.

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