How To Create a Room in Clubhouse (Step-By-Step)

Clubhouse is rapidly becoming a world-famous social media platform. In this article I am going to explain how to create a room in Clubhouse and how to schedule an event step by step.

How to Schedule an Event in Clubhouse

You can schedule a room in the clubhouse easily. It’s just as effective when you schedule an event at a clubhouse as it is where people organize their work according to your schedule. Now let see how to schedule an event in Clubhouse.

1.Open your clubhouse app and tap calendar icon 

How To Create a Room in Clubhouse

2.Again tap on the calendar with ‘+’ icon

How To Create a Room in Clubhouse

3.Now you can schedule a room by filling in details of the event. Add a name for your event. You can add text and emojis for your event name.

How To Create a Room in Clubhouse

4.Now you have to add Co-host or Guest to an event. The person selected as co-host can cancel the event, remove other people from the event, or recreate the event. Therefore you have selected a trusted Co-host  before the event.

5.Set the date and time you start the event at the Clubhouse.

6.Finaly add a small description about your event and and tap on publish 

How To Create a Room in Clubhouse

Note-When you schedule an event, your followers will be notified of your scheduled event

When login Clubhouse a few minutes before the event tap ‘Start a room’. You will see that the scheduled event is listed and tap on the event to start the event.

How To Create a Room in Clubhouse 

There is not a big difference between an event and a room. Group of People who start to communicate is known as the room in the Clubhouse. But if you plan to start a room in future it is known as an event in Clubhouse.

You can start a room with or without scheduling an event. But if you start a room immediately you will not be able to add a description and you will not get the link to share the room. Now I will show how To create a room in Clubhouse step-by-step.

1.Tap on the ‘Start a room’ button

How To Create a Room in Clubhouse

2.Add a topic for your Room.It is exactly same as giving a name in schedule event 

Note-You cannot edit or change the topic name after starting the room

3.You can see three options available to create a room. ( If you have already scheduled an event, it will be shown in this popup as a fourth option )

  • Open Room-Anybody can join in the room
  • Social room-Only for people that I follow
  • Closed Room-for the people you choose to invite to the room

Select room type whatever you like (I will choose the Closed room at this time)

How To Create a Room in Clubhouse

4.Choose people who follow each other in Clubhouse and tap ‘Done

How To Create a Room in Clubhouse

You can change a closed room to an open room any time by tapping ‘Open it up’ at the bottom.

Tip-Start a private room and invite a few important guests, then change into an open group

I hope now you know how to create a room in the Clubhouse and create scheduled events. What kind of room are you going to create? Leave a comment below! Don’t forget to share if this article is helpful!

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