How to Become Verified on Instagram: Step-by-Step

how to become verified on Instagram? Some time you have a lot of doubts  about getting this verification badge. How did they get it? How do I get that badge ?

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Therefore,In this post we are going to discuss all of these things detaily.

What is the verification?

This feature was introduced  to public figures,well known brands and celebrities.

Instagram certifies those accounts are official accounts belonging to a person or brand.

What is the usage?

It gives some sort of credibility to people when they visit your account.

It helps to enhance your brand or business image on Instagram.

how to get blue tick on Instagram?

The first thing you need to do is apply for verification through the Instagram app on your mobile phone.This feature was recently released last year.

In the past they were not allowed to request verification.

They gave it to the person they thought was appropriate.But now anybody can apply for a verification badge.

1 Step

Open up your Instagram profile and tap the hamburger menu (3 line Icon).

2 Step

Tap Settings button at the bottom of the screen

How to Become Verified on Instagram

3 Step

Select account on settings menu

How to Become Verified on Instagram

4 Step

Scroll down and tap request verification

How to Become Verified on Instagram

5 Step

On this page you will see some information about authentication and you should fill out a couple of questions.

How to Become Verified on Instagram

Username – Type your instagram username that you want verified

Full name  Type your full name. This should be your full name that would appear on a government ID.

Known as If you have a brand name you can put in to this section if not you can put full name again.

Category Choose a category that suits your brand

Finally Attach a picture of your Photo ID ( Photo of Driving License, Passport or National Identity card are accepted) and press send.

Now you successfully applied for verification!

After applying,instagram will review your profile .So it takes a few weeks to get approval.

If they denied your application, you can resubmit your application after 30 days.

Instagram will send a notification on your notification tab whether you have the verified badge or not.

What are the requirements to apply for a verified badge on Instagram?

1.Authenticity of the Profile

Instagram wants your account to be a real person or real business.Normally they do not accept  fan accounts of celebrities.


Make sure your content that you’re uploading is your own content.Instagram only accepts unique accounts to get verified.

Most of the time they do not verify reposts or featuring accounts.

3.Public Account

You account must be a public account

4.Completed Account

You should have a filled bio including the profile picture and few posts on your account(At Least one post).

5.Notabal Profile

Your account should be a notable one,that means This means that you or your brand should be written about in well known publications on the internet or in print. (Paid promotional about you or your brand are not accepted.)

Try to meet these criteria before applying through a mobile app. Then you will definitely be verified by Instagram. If you have been rejected, do not give up and keep trying.

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