How to Draw in Photoshop-Sponge Bob

First of all I would like to thank you for visiting our Blog.In This tutorial I am going to  show you how
to design cartoon characters in Photoshop.

Everybody knows the famous Sponge bob cartoon character.So today I will try to draw Sponge bob.
lets see how it goes. 

Initially  I am going to draw a rough sketch of a sponge bob with a pencil brush tool in new layer.

 2 step

Open a new layer in Photoshop and Draw the paths according to our sketch using the pen tool.Before doing this you should have a good practice with the pen tool.‘ctrl’ and ‘alt’ keys are very useful keys while using the pen tool.
after that Right click and  fill the selected colours to the paths.In here i use separate layers for each paths.Because it is easy to shade.

3 step

 Now going to shade for a better look.In here we choose dark colours and light colours for Shade. Important thing is that those colours should be matched with basic filled colours.Click a layer with  ‘alt’ key to select the coloured path and shade it with light and dark colours.

Final step is to give a detailed texture. 

And that’s it!

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