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[5 Ways] How to Turn Off Commenting On a Facebook Post


Comments are a really important factor to consider because it shows public opinion of the post or video on Facebook. But some people misuse this comment feature by posting spam, hateful  comments and making others uncomfortable. Therefore in this post I am going to show how to turn off commenting on a Facebook post. This article explains 5 different commenting scenarios  on Facebook and how to disable comments to avoid harmful comments.

How to Turn Off Commenting On a Facebook Post: For Personal Profile

Maybe you will get unwanted comments on your published post on Facebook. At that time you can control or turn off the comment option for that post. Just follow below steps to disable the comment option.

1.Select the post to turn off comment

2.Tap the three dots at top of the post

3.Tap ‘Who can comment on your post

4.Choose one of the three options to control the comments for particular post

  • Public-Everybody can comment on your post (Everybody can see the post)
  • Friends-Only your friends can comment
  • Profiles and pages you mention-you mentioned Facebook accounts in caption can comment

Tip-If you mention nobody, Can’t comment anyone to your post 

How to Turn Off Commenting On a Facebook Post: For Page

If you maintain a Facebook page for your brands or business, you can also turn off comments on page posts.

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1.Select the post which is posted in your page

2.Tap three dot icon at above the post

3.Tap ‘Who can comment on your post

4.Choose one of the three options to control the comments for particular post

  • Public-Anybody can comment on the post
  • Pages you follow-Pages that you follow comment on your post
  • Profiles and pages you mention- Mention people or pages can comment 

How to Control Comments On Future Facebook Posts

Do you get unwanted, negative comments from strangers? Don’t worry, no need to turn off comments every time in each post. Now you can adjust who can comment for your future Facebook post by following a few steps.

1.Tap hamburger menu at top right corner

2.Goto ‘Setting and Privacy>Settings

3.Tap on ‘Public Posts

4.Select Public , Friends of friends or Friends to be allowed to comment on your public posts. 

How to Turn Off  Someone’s Comments on Facebook: For Personal Profile

This is the most common method people use to avoid harmful accounts on Facebook. If you get bad comments or messages from a specific account you can use this method to block that person.

Note-Without blocking you can’t turn off  Someone’s Comments to personal profiles post

1.Select the profile which you want turn off the comment

2.Tap three dots besides the Add friend/Message button

3.Tap ‘Block

How to Turn Off  Someone’s Comments on Facebook: For Page

If you get harmful comments to your page or page posts from someone, You can’t turn off a particular account using the above methods. For this case you need to block through your page’s settings. Now let’s see how to turn off  someone’s comments  through the page step-by -step.

1.Go to your page and tap gear wheel icon at top right corner

2.Tap on ‘People and other Pages

3.Select the Category which is people or page

4.Tap ‘Ban’ which account got harmful comments.


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