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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Font Free Download


Sonic the hedgehog 2 is a sci-fi movie based on the Sonic video game published by Sega. The story is based on the super-fast blue hedgehog ( Old world mammal) named Sonic.

Title designers used several fonts for the Sonic the hedgehog movie title. The Mercenary Ultra Italic  font used the First two letters of Sonic which are ‘S’ and ‘O’. The Mensa Bold Italic font used for other letters which are ‘N’,’I’ and ‘C’. Compacta SH Bold Italic font used for ‘The hedgehog’ title.

Download : Windfall Font (2022) Download

Bold Italic style used for the font to denote power and speed of the Sonic. The above fonts are premium fonts you can buy at and . If you are looking for free fonts do not worry try the following alternative fonts.

  • Mercenary Ultra Italic Alternative – Codec Cold Heavy Italic Font
  • The Mensa Bold Italic Alternative – WendelinReduced_86FettKursiv font
  • Compacta SH Bold Italic Alternative – NBA Lakers font

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Font Preview (Codec)

Designer: Zetafonts 

License:   Free for personal Use

Wendelin Font Preview

Designer: ingoFonts 

License: Free For Personal Use

NBA Lakers Font Preview

Designer: N/A

License: Free For personal Use


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