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#Shorts:How to Upload Shorts To YouTube From PC


Short-term vertical type videos have become a huge trend around the world since the launch of TikTok. Gradually other social media platforms also launched short videos platforms like Instagram Reels. Now YouTube has also  launched a platform to post video clips as YouTube Shorts. In this post I am  going to show How to Upload Shorts To YouTube From PC.

Uploading  and making videos from PC is always best than mobile uploading. Because you can quality short by using good camera and advanced editing softwares. There are separate option available to upload #Shorts To Youtube from mobile. But when uploading from PC some people have some confusion. 

What are YouTube Shorts?

Youtube Shorts is another short form video platform like Tiktok and Instagram reels. These features were released in India in September 2020 but YouTube Short is now available in 100 countries around the world.

Youtube shorts work very similar to TikTok. You can like, comment and share shorts like tik tok videos. As well as users can add texts, filters and audios to video clips.

Minimum requirement for Youtube Shorts?

  • No of Subscribers-0
  • No of Views-0
  • Aspect Ratio of the Video-9:16 aspect ratio
  • Video Duration-Less than 60 Seconds

How to Upload #Shorts To Youtube From PC

Uploading shorts are the same steps you should follow when uploading long videos from PC. Youtube short videos are automatically recognized as shorts and are added to the shorts Shelf. Here is steps to upload shorts to youtube from PC.

1.Go to and click ‘Create’ icon

2.Click ‘Upload video

3.Select the video file or drag and drop your file into YouTube popup message box

4.add #shorts hashtag in the description or in title.( It’s help to promote and suggest your shorts)

5.Select ‘No,it’s not made for kids’ and click ‘Next‘ until visibility tab.

6.Choose ‘Public’  and Click ‘Save‘ the Short to publish

You can view others YouTube short videos from PC by type #shorts in YouTube search bar. To time save you can visit directly from PC.

Desktop View of the Short
Mobile View of the Short

I hope now you know how to upload Shorts to YouTube from PC. If this article helped you, don’t forget to share it with others.


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