Quantumania Font Free Download

Quantumania is an American superhero movie produced by Marvel studios. This is a film based on the two main characters ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘Wasp’ from Marvel Comics.

Quantumania font is a custom design by title designers. Originally published by Marvel, the Quantumania title font was designed with squids and circles. 

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But it’s more confusing to read correctly, and many fans criticized the font design.

Therefore Marvel redesigned the Quantamania title with Marvel Cinematic design properties.

Komu is the most similar font to the Quantumania title design. But the letters Q,M and A are different from the original design.

Komu is a  premium font which is available on myfonts.com.


Quantumania Font

Designer : DizajnDesign

License : Commercial License

Free Alternative to Quantumania Font (CONFIDEL FONT)

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