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How to Make a Curved Line in Photoshop[Step-by-Step]


The pen tool is a powerful tool in Photoshop which can create  Curved Paths, Shapes and Complex Selections. In this post we going to show How to Make a Curved Line in Photoshop using Pen tool.

Using this tool, you can remove any kind of background, color selected areas etc.

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The Pentool controlling method is totally different when compared to other tools. So in this article you will learn how to use pen tool as an expert

Pen tool located in the bottom of the tool Bar. You can select the pen tool by clicking through the mouse. Shortcut key for the pen tool is ‘P’. After selecting the pen tool you can create any kind of path.

Types of Pen Tool 

  1. Standard pen tool-Can Create new path using anchor points
  2. Freedom pen tool- Can Create new paths without anchor points which can draw lines depending on your movement of the mouse.
  3. Delete/add anchor point tool -Can add or delete existing points
  4. Convert point tool-Can convert straight path into curved path

Pen tool Control Bar

After selecting the pen tool, you are able to see the pen tool control bar on top of the canvas. you can adjust properties of the pen tool by this control bar.

Before using the pen tool you can choose the mode drop menu in the top left corner.

  • Shape-Can draw a custom shapes
  • Path-Can draw paths

There are separate options that will be enabled according to your mode.

In the shape mode you can directly select the fill colour and stock colour of your custom shape.

As well as You can change stroke size and type according to your design.

You can see preview of your path before click the path point by enabling ‘Rubber Band’ feature

which is in the gear wheel icon. It is really a useful feature of creating complex shapes or paths.

How to draw a straight path?

Click the mouse anywhere and you will see a small square. It’s the starting point of the path. Click  again  in another place and it will automatically create a  straight line path.

How to Make a Curved Line

By Clicking at same time dragging on a point you will see two lines in a place called Handles. By these handles you can adjust the curvature of the path. If you want to adjust two curves in between three points at a time, just click a handle and adjust. As well as you can adjust a single curve by clicking a handle with ‘alt’ key on the keyboard.

You can close your path by clicking on the starting point. Now right click on the completed path and you will get an option menu.

Make a selection

You can select the area covered by path in the photo. After click make a selection you will get another menu box to adjust sharpness of the selection.

Fill path

You can create a colored shape by selecting fill path

Stroke path

You can give an outline to your path by selecting Stroke path. Nature of the stroke depends on   selected brush type.


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