How to Use Brush on Photoshop[ Complete Guide]


One of the most useful tools in Photoshop is the Brush tool. Its is the primary tool which is used to draw something on photoshop.

In this tutorial I am going to share how to use brush on photoshop step by step. you will learn how to Brush tool menu customization, how to make a custom brush as well as how to add brushes on your photoshop.

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Brush tool Menu

You can enable brush by selecting the brush icon in the toolbar.Otherwise, select the brush tool by pressing ‘B’.

After selecting the Brush Tool, you will see the Brush Tools menu at the top of the window.

Brush preset picker

You can select the type of brush you like by clicking the Brush Preset Picker.Brush size and hardness also can adjust by moving sliders.

The shortcut to change the brush size is ‘[‘ to decrease and increase ’]’

Brush Control panel

In the Brush Control panel you can customize your brush with advanced options and adjustments.

There are 13 brush tool features for customizing brushes and by default all elements are disabled.You can activate these features one by one by selecting.

Blending mode

This is the same as layer blending mode.You can directly change blending mode of the brush from here without changing in the layer.

Pressure for Opacity

If you have a graphic tablet this option would be really amazing.Enabling this option changes the opacity of the brush as you press on the graphics tablet.It gives the same look as when you draw on paper.


It changes the flow rate of the brush stroke 


You can adjust the smoothness of the brush stroke.It gives smooth  curves when you use a brush tool.

Pressure for Size

It’s similar to the ‘Pressure for opacity’ option.But in this case brush size will be changes when you change the pressure.


This feature is only  available on CC versions of photoshop.If you want to draw symmetrical objects,just turn on the option and adjust the symmetrical axis.Then when you draw on one side it is projected to the other side.

How to Create Own Brushes

Do you want to create your own brush ist not a big deal in photoshop.Spatially you change any kind of object into a brush. Lets  see step by step how to create custom brush on photoshop

First of open your object on photoshop(Object should be black color to get clear brush preset)

Select you your object (Click on the layer thumbnail with ‘Alt’ Key)

Click Edit>>Define brush Preset

Give a name for brush and click ‘OK’.

Now your object is saved as a brush in brush preset picker.


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