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How to Tell who’s not Following You Back on Instagram Easily


By default, when someone unfollows or blocks you on Instagram, you will not receive any notification from Instagram. Then how do you find your unfollowers. Don’t worry In this post you will get know How to Tell who’s not Following You Back on Instagram.

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There are 2 ways to find unfollowers  followers on Instagram. One is a manual testing method and the other using third-party applications.

Manually How to See Who’s Not Following You Back On Instagram

1.Log in to your instagram account

2.Click on ‘Followers’ tab

3.Scroll and check the usernames

If you have few followers this method is ok but if you have a large number of followers it’s really hard to find.

Therefore using a third party app  is the better solution to find your unfollowers.

Third Party Apps

There are plenty of third party apps available to do this job.You must allow access to your Instagram account when you use third party apps.Therefore try to use trusted apps when you use third party apps. 

Here I mentioned 3 apps to find unfollowed accounts on instagramI choose these apps because they have more than 100k reviews and downloads.

#1 Follow Meter

Follow meter is a great app for analysing your instagram account.Once you have installed the app you need to login your Instagram account through the app.

After that automatically the app dashboard will update with your instagram analytics.When someone unfollows you account, inform you through notification.Not only that you get notified when someone is blocked in instagram.

Through this app you can view more detailed analytics and interesting features like total likes and comments,Top commenters and zoom profile pictures.

#2 Followers Plus

Followers Plus is a free followers tracker app with a simple and clean interface.IT shows complete analytics of your instagram account.Identify all unfollowers and display it on your dashboard.

This app is completely free but you can enable additional features when purchasing the pro version.

#3 Followers Track for Instagram

This also a similar app to track your followers on instagram.It has a modern user interface and simple dashboard with every details.

followers insights,no of unfollowers with names, ghost followers accounts and many features available in this app.

This is completely free and you can improve your analytics by activating the paid version.


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