How to Make a Photo Circle in Photoshop (2 Easy Ways)


Are you trying to crop your image to circular shape? You would think that Photoshop would not have a separate tool to crop images in a circular pattern. But it’s wrong! In this post I am going to show How to Make a Photo Circle in Photoshop in 2 ways.

In the first method we use the ellipse tool as a major tool to crop your image. This method is perfect but you have to follow more steps.

But in the second method, we use an elliptical marquee tool as the main tool to crop your image.In this method you have to follow only a few steps to Crop Images in the Shape of a Circle.

Click here for Download image

Method 1

Using Ellipse Tool

Step 1: Open the Photoshop and add your image by drag and drop on photoshop

Step 2: Double click on image layer for unlock the background layer

Step 3: Click the elliptical tool in the toolbar ( If you can’t find an elliptical tool,right click on the Rectangle tool and select the elliptical tool.)

Select a solid color as fill color in the option bar.

Step 4: Drag the cursor across the canvas while pressing the ‘Shift’ key to draw a perfect circle.After drawing the circle you can move on the subject of the image by the Move tool.

Step 5: Copy the background image by pressing Ctrl+j and Place the copied layer on top of the ellipse layer.

Step 6: Select the bottom layer and delete by pressing the ‘delete’ key on the keyboard.

Step 7: Right click image layer and select ‘Create Clipping Mask’.

Final Output

Method 2

Using elliptical marquee tool

Follow the step 1 and 2 similar as Mathode 1

Step 3: Right click on the Rectangle marquee tool and select the Elliptical mar tool 

Step 4 : Now Drag your cursor over the image while pressing the ‘Shift’ key to draw perfect circle selection.

Step 5: Click on layer and Click icon shown in image (Add a layer mask for image).By selecting layer mask automatically non selected area will be disappeared.

Final Output

Finally you can save your image as PNG or JPEG. Go to File>Save as.. Select file type as  PNG and Select save location and click ‘Save’.

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Using these two methods you can transform your image to any shape. Leave a comment about this post and share with your friends.


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