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How to Hide Birthday in Facebook 2022 ( Mobile and PC)


Do you keep your age or date of birth a secret? Maybe people can view your birthday easily on your Facebook account. Don’t worry ! In this I am going to show how to hide birthday in Facebook through mobile and PC.

When you open an account in Facebook by default facebook shows your birthday to your friends. But later you can hide your facebook account by changing privacy settings. Now lets see how to hide birthday in facebook step-by-step.

How to Hide Birthday in Facebook in PC

1.Goto the Facebook through browser 

2. Login and go to your profile

3.Click on ‘Edit profile

4.Scroll down and click ‘Edit your about Info

5.Select ‘Contact and basic info’ from the left sidebar 

6.Tap birth year privacy icon

7.Click on pencil icon and change the audience as ‘Only me

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How to Hide Birthday in Facebook in Mobile

1.Open the Facebook app and go to your profile

2.Tap ‘Edit Profile

3.Scroll down and click ‘Edit your about Info

4.Scroll down until Basic info appears and tap ‘Edit

5.Change the audience of birth year to ‘Only me’  and tap ‘Save

Note-If you choose the audience is ‘public’ for your date of birth, Facebook will notify your friends on your birthday but will not show your age.

If you are change the audience of date of birth as ‘only me’ Facebook will  not notify your birthdate  to your friends as well as your birthdays will not listed in others upcoming birthday list.


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