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How to Get Youtube to Play in the Background (iOS and Android)


The most annoying part of YouTube is that you can’t use other apps while watching videos on YouTube. Because the YouTube app does not allow you to play audio in the background.In this post I am going to  show how to get YouTube to play in the background in iOS and Android.

This tip will be really useful for those who listen to music on YouTube while doing other work. By following this simple trick you can still listen to music on YouTube even if the mobile screen is locked.

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  1. Open Safari or Chrome and visit to
  2. Find the music video you want to listen to
  3. Tap ‘Aa’ icon in top left corner (tap three Dots in Chrome) and Choose ‘Request Desktop Site’.
  4. Tap the Play button and go back to the home screen.(At this point video will stop)
  5. Go to the Control center and hit the play button on the music player widget.


  1. Open Google chrome and visit to
  2. Search and select your music video
  3. Click three dots on top right corner and tap ‘Desktop site’(youtube will show desktop view)
  4. Play your video and press the home button (Your video will be paush automatically.Don’t worry! follow the last step)
  5. Open the notification bar and press the play button.

You can do multitasking on your phone while watching videos using ‘Picture-in-picture mode’.(This feature is only available in android 8.0 Oreo and later versions).But if you lock the screen, your video will pause automatically.

Now your songs will play in the background without any interruption. You can do anything on the phone while listening to music on YouTube.


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