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How To Design Shadow Text Effect On Photoshop


In this Photoshop post series we are going to show how to create shadow text effect on Photoshop.

If you missed the Sliced Text Effect tutorial, click the link and visit.

Now let’s create shadow effects step by step.

Step 1

Select “horizontal Type tool” and type every letter in different layers of your word.(I used Bold font and the font size is 113 pt.).

Step 2

Align your letters using a moving tool and set the positions of the letters to make them overlap each other.(after adding shadows you can’t rearrange the letter positions)

Step 3

CTRL+Click on the layer thumbnail to make selection which will cast the shadow (layer thumbnail which have second letter of the word)

Step 4

CTRL+SHIFT+Click on the layer thumbnail which will receive the shadow.( layer before the  layer which is selection did in step 3)


Step 5

With the selection around the two letters, Click on the “add layer mask” icon in the letter layer that’s going to cast the shadow.

Repeat the process Step 3, 4 and 5 to next letters

Step 6

Double click one of the letter layers that will cast a shadow and layer style menu will be opened.

Step 7

Click on drop shadow and make adjustments of shadow settings.

Step 8

Click Blending options on the layer style menu and click in the checkbox that says “Layer Mask Hides Effect” and click ok.


Step 9

Right click on the effects and select “Copy layer Style”. After selecting all other layers which make layer masks, Right click and click “Paste layer Style”.


Final Result


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