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How to Create the Glow Effect on Photoshop


In this photoshop series you will learn how to create the glow effect on photoshop easily. You can glow up anything in Photoshop by following the steps below. 

In this post we are going to glow horns of the deer.Let’s see how it does.

Step 1-Open the image on photoshop

First of all Open your image on photoshop

Before the editing you should unlock your image layer.

1.Double click on the image layer

2.Click ok

Now your image layer is unlocked.

To make a Duplicate layer,Click the image  and  press ‘Ctrl+J’.

Step 2-Pen Tool Selection

We are going to glow up horns of the deer. Therefore we should select horns separately.

For the selection I choose the pen tool.

1.Click the pen tool on the tool bar

2. Create the path on horns of the deer.

Read: How to Use The Pen Tool like a Pro!

3.Right click on the path and select ‘Make Selection

4.Keep the feather radius ‘0’ and click ‘Ok’

Step 3-Add a layer Mask

Click the icon shown by arrow and make a mask on selection.

Step 4-Adjust the Hue and Saturation

1.Click adjustment layer icon

2. Select ‘Hue/Saturation’ layer

3.Right click on ‘Hue/Saturation’ layer and select ‘Create Clipping Mask

4.Double click on Hue/Saturation icon

5.Marks the ‘colorize’ checkbox

6.Adjust the Hue and Saturation

Select the mask layer and make a group folder by pressing ‘Ctrl+G’

Step 5-Color the object

Now you have to color the horns to make the glow effect.

1.Create a new layer and make clipping mask

2.Select the blend mode to ‘linear Dodge’.

3.Select Brush tool on toolbar

4.Adjust the brush opacity (15%-20%)

5.Select the colour (white shade)

6.Click ok

7.Make sure to change brush preset to ‘Soft Round

Again create new layers without clipping a mask and give colors(light to dark colors for each layer).

When you are going to light to dark colours increase the size of the brush to get a more realistic look. 

Step 6-Adjust the levels

Now you should adjust background color levels  of the image to highlight the glow effect. the adjustment layer icon

2.Select ‘levels’ 

3.Adjust the levels to get dark background  

4.Make sure to keep the level layer before the initial image (Unmasked image).

Finally give some glow shade  to get realistic look. Repeat the procedure done in step 5.


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