How to Create Neon Effect in Photoshop

In this photoshop tutorial I am going to show how to create neon effect in photoshop. Through this post you will learn about layer bending types, quick subject selection and adjustment of layer styles.

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First of all open your image through photoshop

Download the Image

#1 Draw a Rectangle

1.Select the Rectangle tool

2.Be sure to customize the Rectangular Tools menu

Fill-No Color/Stroke-White(#ffffff)/Stroke Size-25px

Click in the image and drag the mouse point to draw the rectangle

#2 Enable Outer Glow (Neon Effect)

1.Double click on rectangle layer and layer style will be pop up

2.Select outer glow on layer style

3.Slecte the color (#1722ff)

4.Adjust the Spread and Size level

#3 Subject Selection

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1.Click on ‘Select’ on the top menu and Click on the Subject option.Photoshop automatically make selection on the subject of the photo

2.Right Click on the Rectangle layer 

3.Select ‘Rasterize layer’

4.Press Delete button on the keyboard (Be sure to select the rectangular layer before pressing the Delete button)

Otherwise you can use the eraser tool to delete the lines in the rectangle

#4 Background Colour Overlay

1.Create a new layer and keep between Rectangle and Image layer

2.Set the blending mode as ‘Overlay’

3.Select Paint bucket tool

4.Click on foreground color box and select the colour (#1722ff).

Click anywhere on the image to make color overlay

#5 Highlights

1.Create a new layer and place it on top of all the layers

2.Set the blending mode as ‘Divide’

3.Select the brush tool

4.Make sure Change the brush type as ‘Soft Round’ and brush size.

5.Change the foreground color (#fc17f4)

Click on edges of the rectangle (Single click for each edge is enough)

6.Create a new layer and keep between image and background overlay layers

7.Change the blend mode to Hue

8.Select the Brush tool

9.Adjust the brush size and keep the brush type as soft round

10.Select the foreground color (#8978ff)

Brush along the lines of the rectangle to make neon glow effect on the leaves

Final Result-Neon Effect on Photoshop

Neon Effect in Photoshop

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