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How to Change My Name on Tiktok ( Step-By-Step )


How to Change My Name on Tiktok? How to change my username on Tik Tok? Can I edit my username? These are the  common questions most people have when using TikTok.

Definitely you have to pay attention when you make a username in Tik Tok. Because you can reach thousands of people on Tik Tok more than Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Therefore set up your Tik Tok username correctly. In this post I am going to show how change your username and how make a perfect username for your Tik Tok profile.

What is Username and  Profile Name in TikTok

Tik Tok allows you to change two types of names in your account. The first is the username and the second is the profile name.

Username means unique name of the account in Tik Tok. This means that you can not use the same username that someone uses. Usernames displays in top or bottom of the tik tok video with @ symbol.

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Profile name is the name that appears on top of the TikTok profile. You can choose any type of profile name, whether already used or not.

Tips to Make a Perfect Username

  • Try to make a unique name because TikTok does not allow already used usernames for your account.
  • Try to use a maximum of two words to represent your brand or service. Use the words to relevant your niche or use brand name
  • Use memorable words to username .Don’t use complex numbers to username
  • Before you create a username ,find out your competitors and get inspiration from them to make good username
  • Do not use underscores and periods too much as it is difficult to remember

How to Change My Username on TikTok

Here are the steps on how to change the unique username for your Tik Tok account.

1.Open the Tiktok profile

2.Tap ‘Me’ Icon bottom right corner

3.Tap ‘Edit profile

4.Tap ‘username

How to Change My Name on Tiktok

Follow the below steps to change the profile name of your TikTok.

1.Tap ‘Me’ Icon top right corner

2.Tap ‘Edit profile

3.Tap ‘Name’ 

What Happens when you change a Tik Tok username?

Your profile URL also changes when you change your username. If your current username is ‘newname’ your profile URL becomes update the Tik Tok link you have used for your social media accounts and websites.

Your profile will not appear when searching for an old username in the Tik Tok search bar. Because the Tik Tok search engine works according to your username.

These are major things you have to consider when you change username and profile name. I hope now you know how to change your name on Tiktok.


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