Free Programs Similar to Photoshop and 22 More Adobe Alternatives


Adobe products are one of the most used products in digital design in the world, and there is no doubt about it. But you have to buy that software when you download. Don’t worry about it, because there is plenty of free programs similar to photoshop that is now used as an alternative to Adobe products.

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In this article we have listed those free adobe alternative softwires detailly for you! If you can’t buy adobe products try these free softwires for your digital productions.

Photoshop Alternatives


The best Alternative for Photoshop is Gimp, which is completely free and open source. It has a lot of features and options to edit photos as in Photoshop. Gimp works on windows, Mac and Linux systems.


Krita is also another open source software which is great for digital painting and 2D animation. Unlike Photoshop it has a clean and simple interface that can be learned in a short period of time.

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Lightroom Alternatives


Raw therapy is similar to Lightroom which allows managing bulk photos with editing features. It’s an open source software that works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It has a well-organized user interface with advanced editing tools for colour correction.


Darke table is totally free software which has library managing features like Lightroom and Rawtherapee.It has advanced photo management techniques, such as adding geo-tags to your photos. It works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Ubuntu OS.

Illustrator Alternatives


Inkscape has everything necessary for vector and logo designing that supports every file type like PNG, JPEG and SVG. It only works on Mac and Windows.


Vectr is a web based graphic editor which is similar to illustrator therefore you can edit your vector arts through your browser. It provides basic tools like shapes, paths , pathfinders and etc.

 Similar softwares

Premiere Pro Alternatives


Blender is a dedicated software for 3D editing and animation, but also fully functional for video editing. You can advance edits like VFX, Motion tracking and animation through Blender. Its totally free which works on Windows and Mac operating systems.

InDesign Alternatives


Scribus is free open source publishing software like Indesign. You can easily design Various kind documents like Magazines, newspapers and books through scribus. It has inbuilt no of templates which are suitable for every kind of documents.

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After Effects Alternatives


Best alternative for After Effects is Natron which is free and open source can do a lot of the same things After effect does which works on Mac, Windows and Linux.

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What is your favourite alternative software? Leave a comment and don’t forget to share with your design buddy.


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