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6 Essential YouTube Video Editing Tools for Your Channel


Are you planning to start a YouTube channel? Then this post is for you! Content quality of the video is the most important factor to rank your videos because YouTube is one of the toughest algorithms to break. Therefore, we listed essential YouTube video editing tools that you will need to create high quality video contents on YouTube. Even professional youtubers also use these tools to improve their YouTube channel.

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OBS is free and open source software to do screen recording perfectly. If you’re going to start a YouTube channel related to programming, software review or graphic designing, choose OBS. Not only screen recording, you can broadcast live on social media by using OBS. You can record your videos without any kind of OBS watermarks.

SwordSoft Mouse Tracker

Highlight the mouse point is an essential thing when you’re doing Software related tutorial videos. Because the viewer can get a clear idea through mouse point movements of your videos. Therefore Sword Mouse Tracker is totally free software which you can put spotlight on mouse pointer.


Video editing is one of the major factors for getting more views on Youtube. Therefore you have to use video editing which has advanced features and tools. Filmora is the best solution for it because it has inbuilt templates, effects and transitions.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is the professional video editing software which has more features and effect than Filmora. Most professional youtubers, Hollywood filmmakers use Premier Pro to edit their videos. If you want to get stunning edits for videos, Premiere Pro is the best Solution.


There are plenty of softwires have to make thumbnails but I recommend Photoshop to make your custom thumbnails. Because there are no limitations in Photoshop. You can create thumbnails whatever you want.

Wo Mic

As a beginner don’t buy expensive equipment for your videos. Always try to use things you have for making your videos. Wo mic is the app which turns your phone into a Mic. You connect your mobile phone’s microphone with your PC by USB Bluetooth or WIFI. It’s a totally free software which is works standard Microphone.


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