Convert your Image to Cartoon Photoshop Tutorial [In 4 Steps]


In this post you will learn how to convert your image to cartoon photoshop . By following these steps you can cartoonize an image within 1 minute.

Let’s dive into the tutorial!

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Add the Image

1.Open a new document on Photoshop and keep the preset details shown in below

  • Width-3000 Px
  • Height-2000Px
  • Resolution-72 Px/Inch

2.Drag and drop your image into new document and adjust the image size

3.Right click on the image and select ‘Convert to Smart Object’.

4.Click on the image layer and press Ctrl+J to make a duplicate layer.


1.Go to Filter>Liquify (Shortcut Shift+Ctrl+X)

2.Click on Face-aware Liquify drop menu (This option is only available on Photoshop 2015 CC and above. If you do not have this option in Photoshop, install the latest version of Photoshop)

3.Adjust the Eyes,Nose and mouth sizes by moving sliders and click ‘OK’.

Poster Edges

1.Go to Filter>Filter Gallery

2.Select Poster edges filter in artistic folder and Keep the following values and click ‘OK’

  • Edge Thickness-10
  • Edge Intensity-1
  • Posterization-0

Oil Paint Effect

1.Go to Filter>Stylize>Oil Paint

2.Keep the values shown in below

Unsharp Mask

1.Finally Goto Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask

2.Keep the values shown in below and click ‘OK’

Final Result


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